The Dow Jones....From a T.A. Perspective

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  1. Good evening guys

    Please look at the Dow chart below. It's seems like the DOW just completed a head and shoulders formation. the rule is , after a head a shoulder breakout, minimum profit should equal to the distance from the neckline to the head. in this case 6 little squares. When doing so , we found perfect support at around 11250 , where we can clearly see a double bottom before the break out. For all T.A. specialist , or "connaiseur" out there, is this a good analysis ?? Feedback, comment are very welcome. Cheers !! :)
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  2. Its been discussed several times in the last few days
    IMHO the average daily volume does not support the interpretation of an HS top

    time will tell..
  3. toc


    It can even go below 11250 which is only mechanical stop.