The Dow has the lowest opening today I've seen in a while

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cruzan, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Cruzan


    Today's possibly looking to be a major downer.
  2. or it could surge higher from here due to masss short covering
  3. More likely a short squeeze than a further fall at least at first
  4. Cruzan


    Oh, and just to followup. At the close:
    <pre>DJIA 13,473.57 <font color=red>-311.50 -2.26%</font><br>Nasdaq 2,599.34 <font color=red>-48.83 -1.84%</font><br>S&P 500 1,482.66 <font color=red>-35.43 -2.33%</font>
    Issues: NYSE Nasdaq<br>Advancing 222 397<br>Declining 3,141 2,683
    Issues at:<br>52-Week High 19 17<br>52-Week Low 459 253</pre>