The Dougster is shorting bonds

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  1. Nice way to jump in front of a freight train. 30 yr is set to break all-time low yields.
    Doug Kass Shorts Bonds, Says Safety Premium Too Great

    Forget stocks, famed market timer Doug Kass says investors should be playing the bond market – from the short side!

    In fact, Kass is so bearish on bonds [US10YT=XX 1.833 -0.004 (0%) ], he says selling them short may be the trade of the decade.

    Kass, who is president of Seabreeze Partners and a CNBC Contributor, doesn’t tend to be terribly dramatic, nor does he often invoke the use of superlatives, so we were intrigued – especially when he told us his short position was the largest position he has ever taken in his partnership.
  2. Bob111


    with his own money or his investors?
    i believe Bill Gross tried that not so long ago... didn't work very well..i'm gradually selling my muni ETF's, but short? i wouldn't do that..
    i guess he is betting on Ron Paul and end of Fed? :)
  3. Investor money, according to the article.
  4. =========
    I see your points,Bob111;
    long term T Bond [monthly nearest chart is still uptrending]

    But now its 20 days+ from your post.
    I think Mr Bill Gross is building along position in silver, looks good.

    Weekly T bond[weekly nearest chart] looks very, very extended,
    mo is slo-thats bearish,
    lower weekly highs-that bearish,
    lower weekly lows-thats bearish,
    S& P debt downgrade-that's bearish long term,
    plenty fo people dont want to lend a drunk sailer/spender money:D Some do.

    Elephants/elephants funds have to buy or sell early;
    one trader shorted C, [shorted C long time ago, probably still short,LOL]said ''fundamentals WIN in the end'':D

    I apprefciate Mr Fed head Ben B & all he is doing to help US:cool: ;
    But Dow Theory says no man, no FED, no gov is bigger than market..............................................

    Trader Paul Tudor Jones said Ely taught him to sell when things look best...................................Sure silver could go lower;
    but its not.[Not Now anyway,LOL]None of this is a prediction:cool:
  5. So Cass is a "famed" market timer now? Based on what, one good call? What is his long term record?

    I ask because whenever he is on Fast, he seems to have some dramatic proclamation that usually is wrong.

    Then there is their other fade, Whitney Tillson. He sees massive drawdowns as a virute.