The "Doomsday Code" video

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  1. I think the fellow in the documentary is Tony Robinson. Wasn't he the actor who played the goofy guy with Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder?

    Anyway, a guy by that name did a fascinating study called The Doomsday Code. I found that extremely interesting and well done. You can see most of it here:

    At the end of the documentary Robinson states that St. John wrote the Apocalypse while he was in Greece. More interesting is that he was staying in an area known for its magic mushrooms..
  2. Yep, same guy. He does a lot of historical stuff, his "worst jobs in history" series was pretty darn good.
  3. Goofy guy!? That's Baldrick, show some respect.
    "I have a cunning plaen"

  4. Blackadder; "is it REEALLY a cunning plan, baldrick?"

    baldrick; "We-ll, uh.... well, not really, sire, no."