The dog ate it

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  1. We need to preform genocide on pit bulls. Its long overdue

    BOSSIER CITY, La. -- A Louisiana couple is facing negligence charges after a puppy chewed off four of a baby girl's toes.
    They told police they were awakened by their 1-month-old baby's cries on Sunday morning, saw her mangled foot and rushed her to the hospital. But doctors couldn't reattach the toes.
    A veterinarian speculates the 6-week-old pit bull puppy might have been trying to nurse. "She had a severe injury to one foot, with most of the toes missing," Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale told The Shreveport Times. "Patrol officers who responded notified detectives, and after our juvenile detectives unit looked into it, they determined the child, who had been sleeping in a baby carrier next to her parents, had been bitten by the family's pit bull puppy, who appears to have gnawed on the child's foot."
    Natale told the newspaper that the parents took a mattress into their living room to watch television and fell asleep. The child was in an infant seat beside them when the pup began chewing on her toes.
    "They did not see the dog injuring the child," Natale said.
    The animal will be quarantined for 10 days and checked for rabies since it is too young to have had rabies shots. It's unclear what will happen to it after that.
    The baby is now in foster care until the case against her parents is settled. Her parents, Mary Shannon Hansche, 22, and Christopher Wayne Hansche, 26, have been booked for investigation of child desertion and criminal negligence.
    If convicted, the parents face a fine of up to $500 and up to six months in prison.
  2. This is a good thing.
    The baby only lost some its toes, and either way, either the dogs gone, and/or the parents wont be in charge anymore.

    What kind of f#king retard would own a pit bull, particularly one that will be a full grown dog by the time the baby is snack size at a year or so?
  3. Are you NOT allowed to hunt pit bulls in the USA?
  4. The thing is, a situation like will bring in one side who believes people can be as stupid as they like, so as to empower the overlords to justify their actions in the name of protection of those stupid people.

    The other side will believe that any dog is to be held faultless of their actions, and want to put the whole blame on the stupid people.

    The third side will not get any attention at all because its not in the interest of any overlord to teach a proper hierarchy of value systems to the populace. ( Protection of your babies being number 1)
  5. Well, their untrustworthy, potentially dangerous and violent.

    Thats rednecks, now , about the pitbulls....
  6. you people have to be the dumbest idiots i have ever had heard. The god damn dog was 6 weeks old. it doesnt matter what kind of dog it is at 6 weeks old you morons.....and for the PUPPY to have chewed of 4 toes of a baby it would have had to have been chewing for at least 5 minutes....of which 4:55 minutes of that the baby would have been screaming like a the only thing at fault here is the parents for leaving the kid alone so that they couldnt hear the thing screaming in pain.

    So dont be blaming the damn dog for being a pitbull and that they should all be put down.....try and be intelligent for once in your lives...the damn thing was 6 weeks old and it was chewing on something because its teeth were sore from coming in......much like the kid that was probably sucking on a soother.

    now granted im not saying pitbulls dont have the ability to be very dangerous.......but i am saying you are an idiot if you think a 6 week old puppy is dangerous.

    and for the record...yes i do own pitbulls...two of them....but i would never let my kids play with them alone anymore than i would let my kids play with guns alone.
  7. pitbulls are dangerous, they have serious issues with anger and of my cat was eaten alive by one pitbull. nedless to say i hate 'em.
  8. Their shockers alright, along with a number of other breeds.
    Madmunny, kids dont always do what you tell them to......neither will dogs.

    It would be too easy to just catologue any number of attacks, but all you would be able to do is say "well my dogs wouldnt/couldnt/cant do that, because of xyz".
    Sure, its a puppy etc, same stuff has happened with pet rats/cats smothering etc.
    Like i said, in a years time-it wouldnt be a puppy, if the little scamp hadnt had a teething problem, you would STILL have, imho, a ticking time bomb .
  9. hey i totally agree that pitbulls (actually any kind of dog) are a threat to kids....and i know that a lot of people have issues with they do with guns, drunk drivers, bombs, or anything else that kills people......and im not saying they shouldnt have issues with them.

    what i was saying was that to even bring up the point that the puppy in the story was a pitbull was just retarded. there is nothing a 6 week old pitbull puppy can do that a 6 week old husky, german shepard, chihuahua cant do. This puppy wasnt agressively trying to kill the baby or eat it alive as one did to Bitstreams poor kitty.....this was a puppy chewing like every single other puppy on the planet does.

    and i agree that at no time should small children be allowed to play with pitbulls (or any other dog for that matter but especially pitbulls) unattended......and in some cases they shouldnt even be around the kids even when attended by an adult.

    this was just a freak nobody would think that a 6 week old puppy would chew off the toes of a baby......and the media just threw in the part of it being a pitbull to grab peoples attention to get more readers....and it worked so well someone started a thread on ET bashing pitbulls over it.
  10. Freak accident, or avoidable risk...Ive seen what these things can do, no way for mine.
    Wouldnt own one, want nothing to do with them, any larger dogs really.

    Legacy of being chased by dobermans, bailed up by rottweillers, bitten by wolfhounds etc.

    Spoke to a military dog handler once, his mutt was an alsation, amazing dog.
    He wouldnt own one for a house pet though, and was absolutly aghast at people just getting these massive hunting/guard/fighting breeds and basically leaving them in the yard, he wanted them banned.

    Yeah, the fact that it was a pitbull Puppy is a little redundant.
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