The Documents by Jack Hershey

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  1. Here are the Jack Hershey documents that have been requested through the years by individuals and they are hard to find.

    The first one attached is

    Building Minds for Building Wealth

    and the second one on the following post is

    Channels for Building Wealth

    A very big Thanks to Ezzy for digging them up and sharing them.

    This is a great thread for anyone to come in and review the documents and share or ask questions.

    Jack, very welcome to jump in and participate.
  2. Channels for Building Wealth is too large a file even compressed.
    I will provide a link that has been shared very kindly by Ezzy.

    Channels for Building Wealth ... JH

    I will try to reduce the document into smaller pieces when I have time and post it as the link above will eventually expire.
  3. Quite a few individuals to their regret have wished they were harder to find.
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    because ET members ask for it.
  5. Think of it as a self-administered IQ test. How far did you get into it before you said WTF? Professional traders here (if any) must love this incontrovertible proof of the folly of the retail trader.
  6. It's actually more amusing to watch the people who don't follow his writings follow everyone who does follow his writings.


  7. I am just giving them what they crave. They left ET in a huff just over a year ago for Traders Laboratory because they were being persecuted. The B-Team thought of it as good clean fun, richly deserved. Well, duh!, it's no joy being god's annointed if they don't periodically feed some followers to the lions. So they started slinking back to the Iterative Defilement thread here a couple of months ago. Now this. Methinks they need fresh accolytes. And accolytes flock to the persecuted. So I am merely playing my necessary role. Somebody has to do it. Secretly they thank me. If I were not their Lucifer one of their own would have to fake it.
  8. Arthur,
    I have brought the writings. Now go and read . . . and pass along.


    V ...... hahaha you are right A.
    I opened this thread to give an opportunity to those who wish to read the documents a place to discuss the contents.
    I will do my part to give a good environment.
  9. Shunt'a dun it. You just gave 666 an irresistable photoshop op. Pull them strangs! The kabuki dance begins!
  10. Who left? I must have missed the memo.

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