The Doc that Fooled the Regulators: Wasendorf’s Fake Statements

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  1. biggest joke ever
  2. That is a total embarrassment...Seriously...I am done trading futures.
  3. zdreg


    then there are posters who swear they will never post again.
    please post proof.
  4. Ha...I will probably keep posting....only two so far!! But seriously, I think it's safer to just open an equity account and trade ETFs. Might have to fund with more money to get the equivalent leverage but at least you know your money is safe.

  5. The first document, that's an audit confirmation letter supposed to be send to the auditor from the bank whether confirming or denying the balance, not the actual bank account statement. That looks standard for audit confirmation letter.
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    People think that crimes are complex. That is an example of simplicity at it's best. The auditors would focus on the financial stuff when the really funny part was that post office box address. It does check out to a certain degree, US Bank is in Cedar Falls.
  7. It's normal for banks to have P.O. Boxes in various and diverse places across the country and have the locals sending their mails to a local P.O. Box. That's nothing to be suspicious about.