The dissappearing male

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  1. Elites are living in compounds along the Amazon I heard, probably they got the head's up on this and went where the water can't be contaminated... scientists were finding sexual abnormalities in fish in polluted rivers probably thirty years go. Plastic in the oceans breaks down but only to a certain particle size then it just stays there pretty much forever...

    The Bible talks about how God hates the destroyers of the earth.. that's what He is talking about I'm quite sure..

    I don't eat food stored in plastic if I can avoid it, no soft drinks, ever, if I get served a soft drink I just drink a little of it for taste and to be polite.. never cook in plastic, just go to a market, get your dang food in it's natural form and cook it in ceramic cookware when possible, no aluminum or plastic cookware if possible... I should be filtering the tap water really, I boil all of it but that does nothing to the plastic....
  2. When I lived on the outer banks our water was contaminated with arsenic so I bought a still off of the net. Don't remember the site though. Got about 4 gallons of distilled water a day from this thing. You might want to try that instead of a water filter.
  3. What is a still? I want to buy the same, can you give me a link?
  4. I'll get two of them, one for water and one for hooch... distilled water is lacking minerals but I take some trace minerals in my coffee anyhow... thanks for the idea..