The Dismantling of our Defense

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Maybe Kerry will get another 'swift boat.'
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    I'm not sure I care anymore. I do know I'm tired of paying for their defense.
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    What have our military actions gained us in the last 25 years? I say screw Taiwan and south korea as well, let's make our own computers.

    On the other hand I do not want our military eviscerated, that would invite a lot of pain down the road.

    Term 2 is going to be liberals gone wild, look out below.
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    I feel that way too. I also wonder why we defend South Korea. I think they sell enough Hyundais to pay for their own defense.
  6. Worse, Rice is the pick for Secretary of State. This must be a joke, right? Has to be a joke.
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    Well, these folks have to be confirmed so maybe there is some hope that we'll get some people who are more qualified.

    Hillary did not do a very good job IMO. The "reset" with Russia, the way Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria unfolded and the China/Japan dispute of sovereignty of certain Pacific islands have all been botched on Hillary's watch. Her aloof demeanor and total lack of international experience affected her performance in a negative way.
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    The Secretary of State doesn't do much but travel the world going to dinners and parties and passing notes from the President. It's the world's most expensive courier service. If we gave the job to whom ever was Miss America at the time we would have countries like us much more.
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    But the State Department is supposed to be one of the two prongs of influence we have around the world, you know, the diplomatic and the military. If the diplomatic channel isn't working correctly you can end up employing the military when it might not normally be necessary.
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    Really? You could have fooled me. I wonder what military conflict avoidance or arm twisting Hillary has accomplished.

    Seriously, I know what you are saying - it just seems the SOS is always just on some never ending party schedule instead of managing the diplomatic corp.
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