The Disciplined Trader vs Trading in the Zone

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  1. whatthe


    How do the 2 books compare? Should you read them both, or does "Trading in the Zone" contain most of the material from "The Disciplined Trader"?
  2. "Trading in the Zone" is far better and effective than the "Disciplined Trader".
    After reading TIZ, i felt like i lost my time reading DT before.
  3. chalice


    Both are good.Very good. ;-)
  4. IMO they have a different feel.

    I've read both several times and always felt that DT did a better job of "what goes wrong" and TitZ of "what to do."

    If I had to stick to one I'd go with TitZ but I don't think you should limit yourself.
  5. Read both. In publication order. You won't regret it. I only have 15 trading books on my shelf. Those two earned pride of place.
  6. I always thought of "Trading in the Zone" as TITZ, not TIZ. :cool:
  7. interdim


    In my opinion both of these books are extremely
    overrated and add little to no value.
  8. whatthe

    I completely agree with Socrates.

    I would suggest a person really take the time to digest these books (in order), not just try to skim or speed read through them.

    Read page 83 and chapter 10 of "The Disciplined Trader"

    If you are unable to gain or improve your insight as to what is required to be a sussessful trader from that exercise maybe the books or even trading is not for you.

    I can't imagine a successful trader making the comments interdim did about these two books.

    Read some of my other posts. I have trained many traders and been involved with trading for many years. My son is in the pits in Chicago.

    Don't hesitate to send me a PM. I would be happy to respond. Although at times I am a little slow to do so.


  9. Before somebody else says it, let me...


    "Trading" is a game played between the ears. If you "get it", you can make $Millions. If you don't, you'll suffer frustration ad infinitum...