the disaster paul ryan has been

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  1. But it’s worth pointing out another dynamic that’s been overlooked here: The escalating disaster that is Paul Ryan. At the time of his selection, a number of pundits argued Ryan’s strategic benefits, suggesting he would boost Romney by energizing conservatives, or by allowing Romney to run as the candidate of big ideas, or that he would at least be the party’s best defender of the Medicare plan Romney was going to have to defend whether he wanted to or not. This seemed like a stretch at the time—after all, Ryan’s Medicare plan proved to be a massive liability the one time voters weighed in on it. But who could say for sure?

    Well, fast forward a month-and-a-half and the numbers look pretty persuasive. This week the New York Times released a set of polls, conducted by Quinnipiac, assessing the state of the race in Ohio and Florida. The top-line numbers were jaw-dropping enough: Obama’s lead in Ohio grew from six to ten over the last month, and from three to nine in Florida. (It’s better to focus on the change here than the magnitude, which is highly sensitive to polling methodology.) But once you look at the internal numbers, they’re even less kind to Romney. More to the point, they suggest Ryan has done enormous damage to the ticket.

    Back in late August, Obama led Romney on the question of who would handle Medicare better by 8 points in Florida and 10 points in Ohio; now he’s up 15 in Florida and 16 in Ohio. And the problems are especially acute among senior citizens, a group Obama has traditionally struggled with. A month ago, Obama was down 13 points in Florida among people 65 and older; today he’s up 4. On the specific question of Medicare, Obama was down 4 points among Florida seniors in August; today he’s up 5 points. (The Quinnipiac Poll re-shuffled its age-groups between August and September, so you won’t be make apples-to-apples comparisons by eyeballing their crosstabs. But the super-kind people at Quinnipiac re-reshuffled them for me.)

    The numbers for Ohio are similar: In August, Obama was down 8 among seniors in the state; today he’s up 1. A month ago Obama was down 6 points among Ohio seniors on the Medicare issue; today he’s up 6. The turnaround here is simply breathtaking.
  2. Eddie Monster is definitely a disaster..Thanks Mitt :)

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    Now that's funny.
  4. romney is supposed to be a business guru. his business ability was touted as someone who could save america.
    so what does he do as his first decision? he hires a guy who just destroyed his franchise.
  5. I honestly don't think the GOP, Rove and crew, really thought this one all the way through. Or, they're just waiting for someone strong in 2016. Jeb and Christie maybe, if those two could really get along, which I doubt. We'll have to wait and see then.
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    Brother Free, I think it's obvious that Mitt Romney is just a wee bit successful as a businessman.
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    Jeb and Christie ain't gonna happen for a myriad of reasons.
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    first of all ryan was virtually perfect on fox new Sunday.
    I really wish he was the candidate...
    he would destroy Obama on Wednesday.

    Secondly acting like Ryan has hurt the ticket cause a poll which oversample Democrats by the amount it has Obama in the lead... is like arguing
    Ryan has not helped the ticket because leftists have not changed Rachael Madows mind.

    The reality is Romney has a lead among independents.... that is what matters on election day... because... it should be obvious to everyone... there are far fewer democrats than the were in 2008. Millions of dems are now Is.

    And the Is are voting Romney and Ryan.

  9. delusional but funny.
  10. I doubt he would have been as successful as a business man if he had changed his business decisions as much as he has changed his political positions
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