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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to maybe moving to Assent as a trader, however, I was just wondering since there are so many different branches in the NY area, does anyone know of a particularly better managed group? I think I remember reading somewhere that the 420 Lexington Ave one is the main headquarter here in NY, can anyone confirm this? I mean it would make sense if I'm going to be trading with them, to trade in the main office so I have better technical support if there were any problems throughout the day right? Thanks for all your help! I sure appreciate it!
  2. The main HQ of Assent is in Hoboken, NJ (2 blocks from the PATH)...not 420 Lex.
  3. 420 lex might as well be their headquarters. technically they are headquartered in jersey but you would never know it. as for the different LLCs, they're all probably about the same and there are non-Assent LLCs at 420 lex just to make sure you're totally confused. i'd just talk to a couple of them and see who seems the least shady. oh, and note that the P&L they show you during an interview is GROSS (not net of commissions), which for scalping strategies is a HUGE difference. in other words, if someone is up $200 for the day but spent $1000 on commissions, anvil will show them plus 200 when they are actually minus 800. scalping doesn't work anymore anyway though so A LOT of these LLCs are on their very last legs. it basically stopped working a few years ago but it worked just enough to keep people chasing the P&L dragon. now you won't even cover a commission rate of .3c/share unless you're really good, consistent, and careful (and FORGET about EVER covering anything north of .5c share no matter how good you are). so intraday trading is not something i would recommend (unless you're a computer with a good algorithm) but to each his own.
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    I've been to a few different Assent/Andover offices and the 420 Lex is one of the bigger offices, but not the biggest. Technology wise, Hoboken is where everything happens. I could not agree more that you should look around and chat with some different offices, there are some very shady setups and better commissions to be found.
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    Dont talk out of your ass. You can have Anvil show it either way...P&L after commissions can be show.
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    How can u see P&L after commissions on ur anvil platform?
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    sts NetP&L (closed P&L minus commissions)
    sts NetMP&L (closed P&L plus open P&L minus commissions)