The difference between winners and losers

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    What do you think the main difference is ?....I'm curious to know how the winners and the losers on this site think....Although, I don't expect those who are struggling to openly admit their failings because of the very personal and emotional nature of trading....But, it maybe helpful to talk about it.....If not for you maybe others on here who don't think they're Mr.Wall Steet but, want to learn.

    FWIW.....I think it's a complete waste of time trying to understand why, or where the market is going.....The winners know how to risk money and the losers don't.....That's all it's about in a nutshell...The market doesn't care about your bullish or bearish patterns, indicators or even earnings news....Many on this site seem to think or feel that it's information or lack thereof, which separates the winners from the losers.....I disagree... It's not what or who you know that wins in this game...It's how you trade!......
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    That's all you have to say hairdresser?...I would expect you to try and rip me a new one because I'm a newbie with only a handful of post here.....
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  6. What's the difference between an athlete who wins a race and the guy who comes in 2nd?

    They both probably train just as hard. Yet, there is probably a very, very small improvement put forth by the winner which is just enough to make the other guy a "loser", even though in many cases there's barely any visible difference.

    Of course, I'm not comparing joesixpack competing on the track. I'm talkin' 2 pro's.
  7. More knowledge about price dynamics leads to confidence. Confidence leads to following or sticking to your trading plan. Trading your plan is following your money management criterias you have set for yourself.
  8. Yeah, it all seems so easy when you're a newbie.

  9. Better money management is an end result of a better knowledge about yourself and the market that you are trading.
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    Who are you and what have you done with Ripley?
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