The difference between humans and muslims

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  1. The plane bomber being celebrated as a hero.

    Truly animals.
  2. Obama needs to send a special forces team over there and kidnap that motherfucker and bring him to the US for justice for the Americans on that flight that he killed
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    Oh please. He's not a hero just because he killed a crapload of innocents. He's a hero because he killed them, got caught, got convicted and the lily livered, liberal infested, weak minded Scots let him go while the Great Satan not only did nothing but will help out Libya even more. I wonder if Obama will also pony up a few billion in "tribute" to Libya?
  4. Don't cry when they waterboard him, you hypocrite.

  5. I didn't cry when Obama ordered the Seals to blow the brains out of the Somali pirate

    BTW I said bring him to justice,not torture him
  6. Delivered by Allah from the belly of the beast.
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    To the U.S. for justice? Is this sarcasm?

    Yeah, let's put him in one of our really tough federal prisons. LMAO.

    Now, by "justice", if you mean decapitation on CNN, please do clarify this for me.
  8. I find it interesting that in USA, the "brave" fligher pilots are welcomed as heros after they drop their WMD and chemical weapons onto villages in the 2nd and 3rd world countries. Do you wonder why people fight back at you? Do you?

    But, americans mainly do not care about this killing. America's Got Talent is much more important!

    Say, what is the death toll of civillans these days in Iraq? Oh I forgot, their lives do not count. We are not barbariac butchers...we are godly liberators.

    also this whole release of the bomber smacks of a staged event that will inflame tensions...and it did. Mission Accomplished. We are reacting like lab rats to their experiment. The result has you pounding you chest to go an slaughter some 'hajis'. 100 years ago you'd be doing the same thing but with Native Americans.
    What red-blooded USA solider does not like killing brownskinned people overseas? It's bred into them. That's a fact.

    See how our elite rulers mock laws and morals. They can break every law and they do.
  9. We are not animals! We are a sophisticated, morally & culturally, and religiously SUPERIOR "chosen race" of warriors who kills all over the world (well, mainly in oil and resource-rich countries) in an effort to FREE people. Our tax dollars are mostly spent on WMD and State-sponsored killing and this a just and godly and moral investment.

    Just look what we did to Native Americans and Black people!!
    We spent 100 years "freeing" them!
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