The difference between demo and real accounts

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  1. Another question for fxcm account owners: Is the real account behaving just like their demo?

    I demotraded for a while with quite a bit of success on a fxcm demo and I want to switch to a real acc.
    So, anyone who demotraded with them then traded for real, please, share your experiences.

    Also, anyone else with other brokers who switched to the real deal after a demo, add your input too.

  2. Stay away from FXCM (manual execution) , take Oanda
  3. What do you mean by manual execution?

    Please be more specific. Did you trade a demo then a real acc with them yourself? please share more info if so.
  4. Do a search on Elite regarding FXCM and you will understand
    why you should avoid them, I am not gonna repeat everything, do your homework as every serious trader should do.

    And compare the comments with those about Oanda.
  5. I'm doing my homework man, that's why I'm asking here. I did a search, but the opinions are parted. I was looking for feedback from people directly trading on fxcm that used their demo then the real acc.
  6. If you did your homework, you would have concluded that
    the opinions on Oanda are not parted so .. MAN , make up
    your mind

    I traded on FXCM, NEVER again and use now Oanda ; TOP NOTCH
  7. Don't get mad on me man, I appreciate any feedback.

    Ok, now we're getting somewere. So you use ouanda.

    What made you switch from fxcm.? What exactly did you not like there?

    I got used to their platform and would like to stay there if there is not much difrence between them and ouanda. but if they make it impossible to make profits then I am out.

    What stile trader are you. I heard fxcm is bad for scalpers, but alright for daytraders. Please give more info on what you didn't like at fxcm
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    check the ,it is a good forex site for small trader
  9. Why?
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    I personally like Gain Capital..used their demo for a short time and then started trading.

    I found no real difference..occassional slippage..but to be expected..

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