the difference between a democrat and a republican.

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  2. Definitely an accurate commentary.
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    The left wing media tried these excuses to see if any would fly:

    Obama lost the debate because Mitt Romney cheated at the debate by using a cheat sheet.

    Obama lost the debate because campaign wanted him to be a 'Moderate'

    Obama lost the debate because he wasn't acclimated to the altitude.

    Obama lost the debate because John Kerry wasn't a good sparring partner in the prep.

    Obama lost the debate because he didn't want to come across like an angry black man.

    Obama lost debate because he's black.

    Obama lost debate he was too nice.

    Obama lost the debate because he was on Xanax.

    The truth is

    Obama lost the debate because this was the first debate in which Obama has had a record to defend. In the past Barack Obama has always felt that it was enough to show up rather than to achieve. This time he could not make the case onstage for a successful four years. This suggests that his record is indefensible — 42 months of unemployment above 8 percent, more than $5 trillion in new debt, record numbers of Americans on food stamps, anemic economic growth.
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    + 16 Trillion...and counting...
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    Actually, Obama lost that debate because he was, frankly, stunned by Romney reversing positions he had held for months of campaigning. 180 deg. reversals. Politician's break promises they make during campaigning to the point of cliche. Romney is doing it before he's elected. Probably a first, certainly it is first by extent.
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    Horse Shit
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    What planet do you live on?
  8. Pretty slick move , IMO.

    Anyways that's beside the point.

    Why is Obama worrying about Romney's position, how about we frigging hear what is Obama's position on any thing.
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    If there's no position, why call him a socialist?