The Departed...from the White House

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    Since somehow everybody is leaving White House like the Great Exodus that no one either wants to stay to work for Trump or Trump doesn't want him/her to be there. I thought I start a thread to record all the departures from the White House. So from now on, anybody who's gone, either fired by Trump or resigned on his/her own can be posted to this thread and we won't have to start a thread every single time when a person has departed from the White House. And for any previous threads that have started about a White House personnel leave, the Admin. is free to merge them to this thread. So far, the notable departures, I mean the ones that actually had any market impact are Steven Bannon, Gary Cohn just last week and now Tillerson, the Secretary of State just on the eve of a major negotiation meeting with a Numero Uno dictator from NK and also his undersecretary, Steve Goldstein, supposedly right after he confirmed Tillerson's firing. It was like "You are fired" and "oh btw, you are fired too". LOL

    Here is the article on CNN that detailed what happened and also a running account of who else has been fired or resigned so far from Trump's staff:

    And of course, what shocked us is the manner in which Tillerson was fired, over a tweet to social media to the whole world BEFORE it was even personally communicated specifically to Tillerson. I mean this is worse than what we average Joe receives. I mean when we get fired/laid off, at least we get called into the room and get a face to face with your boss and be told that "your service is no longer required" and then your departure is announced to the whole company. Tillerson didn't even get that.
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  3. This is not surprising. Shulkin is a hold-over from the Obama administration where he was appointed to Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Health from 2015 until 2017. He was moved up to Secretary of Veterans Affairs by Trump. However since Day 1 everyone acknowledged that it was just a matter of time before he was replaced. He is more of a technocrat than a politician.
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    Haha! John Kelly, the deliverer of the pink slip to Tillerson, is going to be fired himself?!! OMG!! So Urban Development (small portfolio really), the Education Secretary, the National Security Adviser and then his own Chief of Staff are all on the chopping block? LOL Who else's gonna be left? Looks like he is doing a complete dialysis of his entire cabinet.

    Well he better has replacements lined up quickly as many of his cabinets are all in the line of succession. He can't take too long to replace them. Boy, this thread is going to be mighty busy in upcoming days. LOL
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    The reporting is Trump will move Rick “the nuclear scientist” Perry from energy to Veterans Affairs. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing.
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    Perry was in the Air force and in military college so he would be at least familiar with military structure. Given the lack of knowledge in science, Perry would be a poor fit for Energy I would imagine so it might not be a bad idea for Perry to move over to Veteran Affairs. It is a small portfolio anyway comparatively speaking. The most important ones are Economics, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, National Security Adviser, Chief of Staff. It's a shame that Trump doesn't have a lot of experience in government and quite a few articles have commented that one of the main reason why there is so much shuffling is because many of his appointments are from the private sector and have very limited experience in government themselves and they find themselves at odds with the government environment and are not adjusting well. I guess you have to know how to deal with those bureaucrats who have their own way of doing things.

    Trump is said to want to get rid of those "Washington elites" though but he gets rid of his own people in the process too it looks like because there is just too much criteria one has to satisfy in order to remain on Trump's staff. LOL Trump first got rid of Steven Bannon because he was at odds with Gary Cohn. And then Gary Cohn couldn't stand Trump anymore and quit himself, two of the people who were supposed to be on Trump's side. Now that Trump's gotten rid of Tillerson because they couldn't get along and don't think alike. And Shulkin is on the possible chopping block because he's not a politician which I assume is what is needed for the post of Veteran Affairs. So basically for somebody to be able to stay, he/she not only has to be knowledgeable in his/her own area of expertise, also has to be able to get along with Trump, the fellow cabinet, the rest of the government "environment", be able to get things passed and done in bureaucracy, AND not to be a "Washington elite" has to be a "grassroot" that thinks alike with Trump. Failing one criteria and you are out of the door. Way too much criteria, something's gotta give. Hope Pompeo and the new replacements are able to stay longer.
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    These are brutal jobs and Trump shouldn’t be putting just anybody in them. Mike Pompeo is a respectable guy but diplomacy really isn’t his forte, not is it Trump’s, nor was it Tillerson’s.

    And it’s not about Pompeo or any memebers of this seasons cast lasting longer than their predecessors, it’s about being good at the job.
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    Well like I said, Trump's got lots of personal criteria put on those jobs on top of the requirements of those jobs themselves so that already made the no. of eligible candidates very very very limited. Nobody's the perfect candidate for the job; they all have something to bring to the job but lacking in somewhere else. And when somebody's really the perfect candidate for the job, they might not get along with Trump himself which we just saw could be another reason for getting fired. LOL

    With the rate he's going, Trump's going to run out of candidates soon and would have to start a reality TV show to fill those posts: America's Got Political Talent! LOL
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    You make it sound like the criteria goes beyond being a ballwashing yes man.
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