The democrats should show Video of US coffins heading home in Fedex cargo containers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Oct 23, 2006.

should democrats start showing us coffins coming off fedex

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. If the republicans are going to show osama, then the democrats should have ads showing dead us soldiers coming home in fedex cargo containers. Heres my pitch play, the us anthem, show a picture of children and in between show pictures of us coffins coming off planes. And then, show the messages like, do you really want the republicans in control during the next war. :D
  2. It would backfire, bad idea.

    People know that soldiers are dying, they are just in denial about it. That's how denial works...

    Putting it in the voters faces will only piss them off, because they want to deny it.

    That's the America DOW goes higher, and higher, and higher....
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  4. Besides attack the messenger, do you have any logical thoughts to add?

    I mean, can you make an argument, or are you just a monkey trained to post ad hominem attacks?

    I vote that you are monkey trained by Repukeliklans to post nothing but ad hominem....

  5. lol 1000 of longhorns posts are just attacks on me feels great when somebody creates a id just to reply to me :D

  6. You have a point zzzz.....but it could be something brings huge debate. And its completely true. If the republicans take control, can you trust them not to enter a war with iran or nkorea....or both at once. And can you trust them to equip and fight a war. Iraq, afghanistan, and katrina showed no. And now they are facing a tet offensive in iraq.

  7. Are you stupid? My guess is yes, otherwise you would realize that my ID was created a year before you joined ET.
  8. Here's one....

    You spend waaaaaaaay too much time on the internet obsessing over George Bush and the Republican party.

    Go outside for awhile....the computer will still be there when you get back.
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  10. woah longhorn you dont critism to good aye!! lol. Ok longhorn, do you agree with the war in iraq yes or no.

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