The Democrats Did Not Win In 2020

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wildchild, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. wildchild


    They were installed at gunpoint.

    If they won and are so popular, why is this required?


    The democrats are sooooooo popular, they are claiming they need this protection, from the people they govern, until at least September.

    Doesnt sound democrat to me at!!!!
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  2. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Take a look at your avatar moron.
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  3. notagain


    Lotto hopium if Supreme Court hears Trumps case and he wins. Next week decision to allow Oct hearing yes or no. Barbed wire and cancel culture, fashion fascists time to strut.
  4. smallfil


    Massive election fraud which thankfully, are now being dealt with. Since, Democrats succeeded in supressing the numerous evidence, now new laws are being passed to address these numerous loopholes to commit massive election fraud. Good for Republican legislators to finally grow a pair and address the massive fraud before the 2022 midterm elections.
  5. notagain


    Just missed, all we needed was for either Justice Kavanaugh or Coney-Barrett to join the other three conservative justices. Need only four Justices to agree to hear the case. It's on them now, the erosion of voter confidence.
  6. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Are you referring to this case?

  7. Overnight


    Why the FUCK are we still going on about the 2020 election? As recently as last year, while Trump was in office, wasn't he going on about the 2016 election?


    Guys, who the hell cares, man! It's over! Even the hanging-chad debacle of 2000 didn't go on this long!
  8. Snarkhund


    The thing is Overnight is that the election was stolen. Democrats cheated. The ultimate consequence of that is not fully understood right now but I think you will find that at least 80 million people in your country are going to be ungovernable. We aren't going to play nice.
  9. Nine_Ender


    Wow, a thread full of dumb people going on about their "election fraud" conspiracy ideas again. Proof positive how easily duped some people are on a massive scale.
  10. Luckily the 75 million were outvoted by the other 80 million or so..... tough shit....losers don't get to complain that their votes matter while trying to ignore the winner...

    If Hillary was a sore loser, GOP in 2020 are absolute babies
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