***The Dementia of Trader28*** aka: original, cold, damnit, deity, allenhobbs, ect.

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  1. Before we talk about his dementia first lets list all his aliases:

    commander guy

    I'm sure I've missed like 50 aliases so please list the ones I missed so we can all update our ignore list.

    Anyway this kid is the biggest loser on the planet for all the following reasons:

    1 Has more posts and aliases than anyone in ET history. Also been banned more than anyone in ET history.

    2 Trolls this site looking for people to get into pissing matches and flame wars with.

    3 Stalks people and sends the most obsene threatening pms.

    4 Apparently it took him 5 years to get profitable. And yet he abandons his shitty method 5 years in the making, gets on a plane from Australia to Arizona to learn the Jack Hershey method from Jack. Poor Jack, he let this loser into his house and now Jack is being stalked by this kid in every thread. If I were Jack I'd have a restraining order put on the kid.

    5 Despite trading for years, you can tell he is a holy grail seeker. He's constantly on ET trying to learn other people's method.

    6 This kid is so desperate to make money he even does weird shit like fasting, meditation, and other esoteric stuff. Now these are good things to do but they add zero value to trading.

    moderator: don't you dare move or delete this thread - this kid really deserves it.
  2. mahasamadhi, chlamidia
  3. LOL, hey you guys couldn't be more wrong - but this thread is funny as hell! :D

    Trader28 may be demented (I don't think so, but hey, you never know), but at least he can trade.

    allenhobbs can't trade

    mahatma can't trade

    and spectra can't trade (yeah, I know he's not on your list, but he most definitely is one demented fuck)
  4. Allaces
  5. you got two guys on that list right

    COLD and ORIGINAL are the same guys

    that is me

    Look I spoke to baron, what I do is bring ET to life

    when I post people flock and post, I brought ET to life so many times

    it ain't even funny :)
  6. you were also:

    illuminated one

  7. You gotta LOVE this quote above

    You gotta love that part :p :p :p :p :p
  8. 7 Trader28 also spent some time in Japan, where he worked as a tranny geisha.
  9. wow lmao so hard
  10. ET what a party eh guys :D
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