The Dementia of Rich Guys that Marry Pigs

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  1. David Beckham and Russell Simons come to mind. But there are many others. Now I'm not saying these girls look bad but I mean with that kind of wealth and fame you can get a girl that has it all. The trick imo is to not fall for a fellow celebrety or rich chick.
  2. Shut up! Regardless of your gender, if Oprah Winfrey and/or George Clooney proposed marriage to you, you wouldn't say "no".
  3. And/or? Is there something you're not telling us?
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    Anyone see Roger Federer's gf -- wtf -- nasty.

    If I was #1 ranked -- I would be slamming hotties left and right, until my magic wand fell off.
  5. She looks cute enough ...


    ... and more importantly he looks happy. :D

    There's no correlation between how good a woman looks and how good she is in bed, duh!

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    Bro -- its not like russell is a good looking black man -- he has a fucking lisp -- and is uncle tomish. So him marrying that amazon chinegro is IMO evenly matched.

    Also Beckham is not a real man and is more of a woman.

    Anyways -- my philosophy on marriage is that you marry your equal !!

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    Nah ..... she looks pig like in my book.

  8. zdreg


    what do have against rich chicks except that you can't go up against them.:D
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    lol -- your right -- none of the females in your family were hotties -- but more pig like.

    But wtf -- a man has got needs and a little community service is not a bad thing.
  10. I don't know either of these two people. But judging by appearances alone, I would have thought that she was the one who could do better. She's quite good looking.
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