The Dem primary is over

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    Well in one sense you are correct. Since he was running in the democrat primaries there was no real election occurring.

    The democrat primaries are a series of dog and pony shows that have no effect on the nomination. The DNC completely ignores the results, if the results are actually tallied at all, then selects who they want to win. They could save a lot of money and news coverage by cancelling the faux primaries and just announce who they selected.
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  2. If UsualTard keeps applying his Jonestown model of electoral analysis, I am pretty sure that before long he will be arguing that not having Obama at the top of the ticket will make no difference because people who voted for the Obama-Biden ticket were actually just voting for Joe.

    Good luck wit dat.

    If Joe gets the nomination- which he will not- you are looking at Trump rallies with tens of thousands of people (or hundreds of thousands if he is impeached) while across the state Joe will be be having crowds of dozens.
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  3. Biden starting right down the road of being Hillary: ie. he is assuming that his substantial lead means that he does not have to work from the ground up for every vote. He arrives late to the race assuming that his name recognition will compensate, then he does not campaign after announcing, and now he is skipping the dem convention in california, even though they control- I dunno- a quarter of the delegates.

    His substantial lead will give him room for a few free slack-offs- but not more than that.
    Y'all know my bias - that Biden is not going to get the nomination so go ahead and attribute my comments to that.

    That'll buy Joe a few more weeks before reality sets in.

    Not so deep down in the stomach of every demtard is a churning fear that if they go with Biden, they are going to get Hillaried again. Will Joe help them with that fear or make it worse as we go forward? Let the viewers decide. I did long ago.

    Biden faces stiff criticism from Democrats for skipping California convention
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    Get your popcorn. The Democrat circus is just starting. Joe Biden now getting the love from the extreme liberals. John Hickenlooper, poor guy. The guy is one of the last Democrat blue dogs but, fast headed to extinction! By the time Hillary Clinton comes out to announce, all of these extreme liberal Democrats would be damaged goods!
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    As bad as Hillarys campaign was,she still probably would have won with a Black VP(Black voter turnout dropped from 68% in 2012 to 60% in 2016).Biden can run a bad campaign too and just have a Black VP to get Black voters to the polls and he will probably still win.Black people hate Trump so much and have been coming out in huge numbers in elections for democrats since Trump was elected he might not even need a black VP to get black voters out though.
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  6. Watch out for the Horse of Color (a/k/a dark horse).

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  8. I dunno...her campaign was so poorly run she would have still have overshadowed any running mate. Caine was so white and fluffy and useless though it took no effort to do so.
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    More black voters would have went and voted if Hillary would have had a black VP imo.I don't think she would have matched Obamas black voter turnout number but she would have gotten enough to keep the blue wall states imo where black voter turnout decline was significant in the big cities.
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  10. Will never know because she chose plain yogurt as a running mate
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