the delta phenomenon

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    does anybody have any experience with the delta society and does the delta phenomenon work:confused:
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  2. No, I have never met anyone in the Delta Society. Yes, it does work well, but as with any technical tool needs to be used creatively and with proper risk management.
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    yes to both questions......
  4. Are you a subscriber?
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    Lets just say certian "things" were left out for none directors/mainstream subs....
  6. I've sent you a PM. How do you know this? So you forked out the $10k and are a director?
  7. Welles Wilder is the original author of RSI oscillator and some other "OLD SCHOOL" technical analysis tools. I used to have his original book: "The Delta Phenomenon" but found it very subjective and inaccurate. The story is also very lame. He met a fellow who spotted cycles of "4" in everything and tried to use it to forecast the markets. Pretty "unsophisticated" stuff.
  8. That's nonsense. That's just like saying Elliott wave/neowave is subjective. If you begin to feel the rhythm of the waves, bet prudentially, and trade it using other tools as confluence, it becomes a lot less "subjective". Delta is phenomenal, but it seems like I don't know the full story - if Mup is right.
  9. Like any religion "the Delta Phenomenon" will find its followers. Most of uneducated minds will live life in hope for "HOLY GRAIL" and perform rituals (prayers) with burning desire to have a blessing. Lack of knowledge is easily filled with the system of beliefs - it's easier this way. I think you should buy a sacrificial lamb and proclaim that the Earth is flat. Naive people with problems is the audience for any religious group.
  10. Right...

    Okay Then. Could it perhaps be slightly possible that you either didn't "see" how Delta fit into the market rhythm, or didn't put in the work necessary to apply it and improve your strategy?
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