The definitive debate: RACE vs IQ vs CRIME

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  1. Question 1:
    Is there a relationship between race and IQ?

    If so, which are the brainiest races and which races need help?

    Question 2:
    Is there a relationship between crime and IQ?
  2. Peter takes an IQ test and the results in.

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  3. 1) Jews test the highest.
    2) Yes most definitely, persons with low IQ are disproportionately responsible for violent crime in multiple countries throughout the world.
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  6. 1. There is a correlation between race and IQ. The order is:
    Jews (113)
    Asians (106)
    Whites (103)
    Latinos (89)
    Blacks (85)
    2. I think it's pretty safe to assume that there is a negative correlation between crime and IQ.

    Now, do IQ tests accurately reflect innate intelligence? While there is most definitely a correlation, IQ tests do have a cultural bias. Kids raised in a good educational environment with good parents do much better than their peers. Keep in mind that blacks and Latinos are much more likely to be born in poorer and more uneducated households without a strong family structure. Asians and Jews are more likely to live in households where education is stressed as being very important.
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    I believe these charts are what is commonly referred to as an inconvenient truth.
  9. So in a lot of those African countries we would consider most of their population to be mentally retarded?
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    The good news though, our POTUS is a direct descendant - of an African.
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