The Defining Problem of Our Time ... What is Yours?

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  1. Mine, destruction of family, yours?

  2. Too much government intrusion into our lives and our wallets.


    *Reverse-Darwinism breeding. (Idiots having exponentially more children than non-idiots.)
  3. Non-Belief of the Bible.

  4. that happened 30 years ago

    havent got over it
  5. Stupid people, who believe crap that has no basis, without any objective rationality.

    Weak minded people generally.
    And puple whu cantt spel veri wool.
  6. Same problem as always - people lose sight of what matters in life, and allow themselves to be distracted by imminent minor problems and meaningless everyday trivia. Instead of pursuing adventure, glory, and legendary activity in all facets of life that appeal to them, creating a noble destiny by their own hands, they piss away precious life and slide pathetically into meaninglessness. Ultimately the cosmos is a chaotic neutral intergalactic prankster, and most humans miserably fail to pass his test.
  7. Interesting theory.

    And almost beautiful prose.
    Or is that interesting prose, and almost beautiful theory?

    I guess, if ones life does not start to well, and gets worse, then worse again, shooting for the stars in life can go real bad.
    Done it, but can Icarus grow new wings?

    Is it nobler in the mind, to suffer the slings and bolts of outrageous fortune, or to rail against the tide, like a man possesed?

    Piffle, I say. FTW.
  8. I'd say my pet peeve would be the ruin, devastation and damage of people who make mistakes at all levels.

    We lose the capital of experience, no one is given a second chance to redeem themselves.

    This is especially true when the basis of all action is determined by a "legal dept" before we even begin to initiate an idea.


    Eventually we'll have a President who has never made a mistake, of course, he has done nothing either. .. {:>)....(sarcasm)
  9. cstfx


    The Air Jordan, MTV, Escalade, Prada, LV, MCMansion generation (post 1980).

    In essence, the never-satisfied consumerism world-wide. It is no longer what you do but what you buy.
  10. pspr


    Too many people on the planet.
    Too many crazy groups/idealologies with easy world wide travel & communications

    Government is way too big
    Too many Gov. entitlements
    Loss of morality
    Loss of self responsibility
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