The debt ratio

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  1. It would be fun to calculate the total debt of public + private worldwide. :D

    Do you know if anyone who has done the calculation?
  2. No! You'd be vomiting onto the ceiling if you knew the "real" number. :eek: :( :mad:
  3. USA owes $600 trillion in derivatives.
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    The nominal aggregate derivative number is bullshit because it represents both sides of counter trades as if they were all one way. The real risk is not such a big deal as it is hedged and otherwise collateralized.

    If you want to read about aggregate debt of both private and could go to the St. Louis fed and total up the public debt with the aggregate bank private asset could also look in up in Rhinehart and Rogoff's book, "This Time it is Different."

    Understand that public debt and private debt have dramatically different impacts on the real economy so I think when you aggregate the two you learn less about what is going on, not more.
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  8. look at that balance sheet

    assets/citizen= 280k

    liabilities/citizen= 1mil