The Debt-Money System, a historical overview

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  1. .Money creation, and struggle for control of the debt system from the ancient times till present day.

    .How it effects everyone, from the individual level to whole nations, and now the whole world with globalization.




    The solution presented at the end is not only simple, (may even seem radical), BUT it has worked before in the US, albeit long time ago.

    Ps: Julius Caesar’s approach to avoid counterfeits, control the money supply, and keep records at the same time was pretty innovative.
  2. Very interesting video, I believe it was made in 1995. Is there any information to update it?
  3. Wow so Jesus hates the Federal Reserve. The video looks dated, was it really done in 1995? I didn't bother watching the whole thing but did they give a specific time period in which we're suppose to have a crash greater than the Great Depression? Its been awhile since I saw a real good doom and gloom video so this is definetely a keeper.

    This guy have any videos of extra terrestrials involved in fractional reserve banking? I'm thinking there must be some cosmic reasoning behind the stubbornly low yields on long dated bonds around the globe.
  4. Sam Mcgee
    From the events described in the video, it it seems mid 90’s is when it was done. I haven’t seen any updates.

    I’m not sure how you came up with Jesus hates the Feds(well Jesus did go after the money changers in the temple back then), or looking for et’s? So let’s stay on the subject. The historical events are there.

    From the mid 90’s till today, when is the next described “business cycle”? Are we in one right now?. The Fed did raise rates late 90’s and a recession ensued according to many. Nasdq lost over 50%, SP another significant drop.

    Now the Fed is raising again, 14th time in a row and maybe more to come. Bernanke’s latest speech made it obvious that the Fed wants the rates higher on the longer term. Will that cause a mkt drop or a crash or a depression? Who knows? The foreign capital inlflow today is much greater as compared to the 90’s. Time will tell.
    I don’t necessarily agree with all the views in the video, but the correlation of the historical events, money debt creation and the economy is there. Seeing all 3 parts helps put the whole picture together. Different parts of society are effected differently by the rate/debt cycle.

    Fractional Reserve Banking
    imho, It is one amazing business model. The Perfect Setup.
    Sell more than what you have with no limits and charge interest on it.

    1. Creating debt out of thin air, the profit is the interest..(dept service)
    2. Infinite profit potential guaranteed by the US taxpayer receipts. The more debt the better, for the Fed/BIS
    3. Almost zero risk, starting the system, the rest of members “borrowed” money against the Govt’s 20% down from the US treasury

    Form that point on, ALL the debt capital was created on the printing presses out of thin air.

    I like the solution presented at the end. It will eliminate the Debt Service chains that are an increasingly major portion of the GDP and a real drain on the economy.
    some nice charts here:
  5. It appears that the Rothschilds are behind most of control of money and control of the world. They've intermarried over the generations so the family name isn't obvious anymore. This website has some interesting information about them:

    If the film "The Money Masters" is true, why hasn't it been supressed?
  6. And this is how Credit Card companies operate, it is the greatest business. Take ur signature, get funds through fractioning, lend it to you and have you pay interest.

    It's not the government or even Federal reserve that creates cheap money but the major banks. The Fed just sets the policy.

    What a country
  7. Sam Mcgee

    I can’t tell if it’s being actively suppressed, there are many references out there.
    But I do think it is inadequately covered if at all, in any school or even, college mainstream business economic, and/or history courses.

    There is a fundamental difference between the two.
    _With credit cards as a consumer and a client I have the option to either not use them, and or pay cash and not carry any debt. (similar to the solution presented on the links above)

    _With gov’t debt there is no option to not use the fed and or pay cash under the present Debt-Money system. The debt and (debt service) is forced on the taxpayer, the interest (debt service) is paid as profit to the Fed/BIS

  8. unfortunately most people don't understand this: the Fed sets policy and then lets human nature take over from there.

    imagine if you were in control of the central banks and money... Do you think your desires, ambitions, and goals might be different than the populace? maybe you'd even have the desire to make profit at the direct expense of the populace? and design your lending scheme to maximize profits?

    one might call that a conspiracy... another might call that a business plan.
  9. These videos are retarded. They predicted the end of the U.S economy in 1995 as we entered the biggest boom in American history. Its 10 years letter and we are still not facing rapid depression.
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    Maybe im way off on this. Lets say we didnt have easy credit like we do now, and we were on a gold standard. Wouldnt the cost of borrowing go way up because of a limited money supply?
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