The Death of the Blackberry

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  1. The Blackberry reminds me of energy drinks like Hansen's Monster. Once upon a time, I saw everyone with a Monster and they were all the rage. Then eventually everyone got sick of them and left them for dead.

    In the same way, thats how I see the Blackberry. Imagine being at home with your family spending quality time just to see this damned thing vibrate and ring. You get so sick of this thing that it becomes more of a nuisance then a luxury. At work, when you had a Blackberry then you were someone important. Now, if you have a Blackberry, then your just a tool. No one at my work sends emails anymore because they know that these Blackberry fools will always deliver some smart remark.

    Im guessing with that awful earnings call from RIMM is the start of a new downtrend that will take the stock much lower as people refuse to carry these damned Blackberries. Just like HANS, when a growth momentum stock like RIMM is no longer growing then everyone starts to sell the stock on any strength.

    Folks, good time to take this short.
  2. Yes, It hit first big in goverment / lawyer professional circles.

    Now 14 year old brats have them.

    Blackberry has now become a fad. .......Kiss it goodbye.
  3. Email is quickly becoming a liability in most corporations. Emails are most often used against people when the sh*t hits the fan so most often higher up persons in organizations rely on the good old fashioned telephone to conduct their business. In some circles of government, there are some politicians that simply do not have an email address because they know that it might get used against them one day.

    I choose not to carry a Blackberry because it simply cuts into my valuable free time away from work. Another reason is the reason above. Emails are quickly forwarded around and its a communication that could be used against me.

    I carry around a simple phone because it keeps me out of trouble and saves me time, my free time that is...
  4. Sure , thats one way to deal with it, proposed by the "unibomber"
    Drop out.

    These tools are here to help move business along. E-mails turn into phone calls if not tended to.

    I agree with the e-mail trail.....I say there sould be a software program that will remove all emails into a privite file.....Of course most companies feel it is safer to keep emails. Most companies are playing fair.

    Except for those evil oil companies....damm them....give me a shovel and I will dig my own oil.
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    Reminds me of Nextel, I had one back in even before they will popular, believe I had it in 2001-2003, got rid of it in 2003 and went to tmobile, out of no where from 2003 to around 2005 every person in the country had one, every teen had one, that quickly faded away, I dont know one person with a nextel today. After that it was the RAZR and today its just nearly every person with either a blackberry or phone with one of those qwerty keyboards on it.
  6. nextel is a bluecollar phone. every plumber, mechanic and truck driver has one. you can hear those obnoxious beeps and super loud walkie talky voice sounds all over. they are still popular with the blue collar workers.

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    BB is so entrenched in the corporate world, it will not go away any time soon. I would say this thread is a tad bit dramatic.

  8. its called "self control". blackberrys and PDA's are awesome tools, providing freedom to those who can handle it.


  9. exactly, sounds like the RIMM shorts are pushing their agenda hard.

    :D :D :D
  10. RIMM will go higher

    good time 2 buy
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