the death of NYSE trading

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Kutty, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Kutty


    es just moved 20 points higher

    most stocks were good for about 10- 40 cents

    what a joke

    nyse party is officially over

    fuck the flickering ecns and bogus quotes of this lame exchange
  2. i enjoy trading nyse stocks when i have a gun to my head. other than that, ill stick with ndaq stocks
  3. You're watching the wrong stocks. Picking the right stocks to trade is half the game.
  4. I do pick the right stocks, 90% of them just so happen to trade under nasdaq
  5. Message aimed at Kutty, not SCI.
  6. feb2865


    why don't take a peek at e-mini's?

    just a suggestion
  7. cause they like to trade OFF the eminis, how do you trade eminis off eminis?

    And since when is Naz so much better than NY? fluttering ecns? Naz wrote the book.
  8. feb2865


    oh boy I really have to laugh