The death of credit cards? buy PAY

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  1. Does anyone really believe smart wallets will take over credit cards anytime soon? This guy does:

    An American tradition may soon follow the way of the horse buggy and oil-fired street lamps. In fact, this tradition is as American as baseball, apple pie and even Chevrolets. It will be sad to see it go, but in its place comes efficiency and an easier way of life.

    Deeply ingrained in the American consumer psyche since the early 1950s when it was first introduced, this tradition quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and changed the way daily commerce is conducted.

    There is no question this tradition will be usurped by new technology, it's only a question of when.

    If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm talking about the end of credit and debit cards, and the beginning of the new era of "smart wallets."

    This new smart-wallet technology utilizes smartphones as a new payment method that's expected be seamless, exact and highly effective. And with the introduction of near-field communication (NFC) chips in newer smartphones, payments can be as easy as waving your phone by the cash register.

    Just to provide some perspective of the kind of market share this technology can reach, 491 million smartphones were shipped in 2011 alone, with this number expected to be even higher in 2012.

    What's really amazing about smart-wallets from a retailer's perspective is that coup........
  2. nah, a nano/micro chip implanted under your skin is waaay better!
    in addition, it can track your every move, thought and even attempt to think negatively about the government or monsanto.

    using a material called graphene (1 atom thick) you can essentially pack a whole history of a subjects weekly facebook activity, entire lifetime history of purchases, congress library and 3D videotape archive of your family going back 5 generations from CCTV cameras.
  3. Whoa, I hope you are joking, exaggerating! That sounds like the 666 stuff I was taught in church. Surf:eek:
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    Waving a phone vs waving a card - what's the difference?

    A card has the benefit of doesn't need to be charged.

    Finally, until these smart wallet providers can provide the same level fraud protection and indemnification that my amex does, why incentive do I have to switch over?

  5. Good points, but I bet the smart wallet turns credit card obsolete within the decade. surf
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    Purely speculating, then?

  7. your church was right.
    more, it shares a stake in the devils corporation: washington dc / city of london / vatican city

    people already demand such a device.
    also, you can combine a microchip with vaccines shots, highly popular tool of making sheeple more healthy :D
  8. Do you think this technology is the same thing John the Baptist wrote about in the biblical book of Revelations? The 666 tattoo and the number of the beast stuff?
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    Well.. I posed a bunch of hurdles... you offer no counterpoint - other than "the march of high tech".

    Same could have been said about once upon a time, no?

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