The days when trend traders get kicked hard?

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  1. The days when trend traders get kicked hard? Could you give examples of such days which maybe fresh in your memory (or better yet with some fresh scares)?

    Also tell us: who you think got you (The market makers, the trading desks, the stop hunters, etc)? and how to avoid such bad days.
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    Yesterday and today. May be whole of this week.

    Comes with the territory, what you think you're gonna win all the time?
  3. ==============
    Most any time around a ternd change;
    50 day moving average......

    Cant completely avoid such losses;
    but a bit slower or faster can help. Not a prediction:D
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    I usually get my ass kicked when someone important like Merkel unexpectedly gets diarrhea of the mouth. It's part of market reality these days where markets are news driven.
  5. the days when if my stops were profit targets I would be the scalping champion of the world
  6. Today was total crap. Monday and Tuesday where great for trend traders!
    Just gotta sit out on days like this!
  7. Trend followers can scale their system resolution to match the pivot frequency of the latest price action...........

    The market is a superposition of various waves that constructively / destructively interfere on a regular basis. Do you keep your radio dial on the station that plays bad music? You probably tune it to something that delivers the goods. So it goes with trend following.

    The cleanest waves are where no one is looking......
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    Yeah, if you could kindly let me know in advance pls, many thanks.
  9. Today (10/20)?
  10. Everything was going fine. Now I am getting stopped out all the time. Maybe I should widen my stops. I would do better just scalping than trying to catch a trend. Maybe I should just trade with no stops. Everytime I get stopped out it just chops back up to where I got in at. Or maybe my time frame is too small. It looks like crap on the 5 minute, but on the daily we are still in a strong trend. Maybe I should reduce size and position trade. A guy with no brains could just scalp this. I know they say you shouldn't martingale, but if I had I would be up 500%. But then again, my grandfather takes his whole social security check each month and uses it to buy gold (and has ever since he turned 65) and as far as I am concerned, he is the richest man I know.
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