The Day Trading Industry

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bmwstox, Jan 29, 2003.

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    I beleive the day trading industry deserves a fair shake. Especially the firms that survived the fallout. Wall St. for obvious reasons never liked day traders. However we have added liquidity to the market, amongst other things. Considering that Wall St. is having it's share of problems, scandals, lawsuits and layoffs, they should thankful to us. They day trading industry has survived the fallout. I believe CNBC should revisit some of the successful firms and give the public another glance at the industry and those who have made it. The industry is still growing, I would like to see day trading firms opened in different countries such as China, India and the middle east. I understand there are some aready, but we can certainly expand. The public should realize they can't depend on the major houses to be honest with them, there is a conflict of interest immediately. As more people begin to take command of their own money, I beleive we can have a world filled with traders. What do you guys think? Is it plausible to have the world, (namely the public) hooked up and trading the NYSE or Nasdaq as we do here in the USA. In fact we can create platforms in different languages, etc. I think there is great potential there! :)
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    ...good grief...