The day to day psychology of a trader

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  1. Because the trader wants to.
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  2. First stage was about : can it be done? answer yes, with proof.

    second stage : do you really want it ? the deep answer is no.
    The answer usually comes exactly when expected : there is a very tiny moment
    in trading where the subconscious does take over. The mind is an astonishing thing.

    third stage: why not ? how is the subconscious "wired" with this reason?

    Fourth stage : "exercices" to unwire.

    So now, let's just monitor for the next 3 months, if the trader now really wants the money.
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  3. I have to say that trading looks like being in a state of meditation.

    Or reading the Bible to deepen understandings, makes me wonder
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  4. Obviously, I'll skip my own november 2018 trip to Las Vegas.
    Certainly book one to a St Ignacius retreat instead.

    The retreat welcomes everybody ( whatever religion, non-religion).
    The best one are run by Jesuits.
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  5. I have to confess.

    I like being a trader, because I don't like working.
    I mean,once one has passed the hurdles (10k hrs screen time, methodologies, core of psychology/"spirituality" issues tackled, money management, etc), then to be honest it's great.
    When I trade, I don'y feel like I am working at all, even if sometimes I just want to
    be stuck to the screen to really pick a certain trade. I can stay in front of the screen 24 hours, but I like it. I am even pissed when I have to go and eat or other bio stuff.

    I did not start it for the money, more for the intellectual challenge,
    but now, I am fine with the money coming from trading.
    And yes, the world works like this : some make in less time, what others earn in more time.
    Unfair ? yes and no. Yes when I think taxes, because I do not feel the government
    helped me at all, so why should they get a penny? Fair because I feel like
    nobody deserve it more than I do. All the shit I have taken, in my view, pales with the rewards.So no, I absolutely do not feel guilty at all about trading profits.
    I don't say that losers are assholes somewhere, but I checking their
    "karma", "family karma" and the whole "spirituality" thing might explains quiet a few things.

    I like actually watching people working, while I am just keeping busy till I decide it is
    time to check if the trade has finally reached its target.
    The losses don't even bother me anymore. May be because I already did the relatively "heavy losses". And I now realize that these losses were wanted.
    Now, I am not really interested in losses.

    I used to be angry with the profits, because I felt it was "lazy" money, not hard earned money, guilt of hidden privileges; but now, I am happy with cashing in these profits, as it allows me to be able to be more lazy. I have not as yet gone the full lazy road, as I'd be embarrassed for the hard workers, but I am considering taking steps to.

    Also, I am very happy that I developed great compassion ( may be this harassment
    had some positives :rolleyes:): and I am really glad to know that this one is going ahead
    as I acted solely for the person's benefits. I learned that revenge is best left to God,
    and I agree. Just learned that one of the person involved in the harassment has
    died in - guess where ? "Sin City" shooting. Damn : a shortened life for harassing someone : was it worth it? And now, the others might not even know about "the generational sins"
    they have accumulated.

    I am very proud of my moral values. Actually that's the one thing I am the most proud of:
    my very strong ethics.
    I don't despise those with low ethics, just a little bit : they
    are idiots who have turned their back on God, the Creator. For what?
    The one thing I realized from one very singular retreat, was that God does exist, these "Book of Life" are real.
    Also God works in a very mysterious ways. But whatever God wants done, get done :
    never in the way human would imagine, but it gets done, even fouling humans to get
    them to do God's decisions.
    I went into deep "clean" esoterism : it's scarry, because it is a completely different
    world. I am glad that I always kind of came across "Saints", so that I did not get into
    some deadlocks of "Sa ùù TA ùù NISM".

    These Bouddhists are really into something with their concept of Karma. I like being a trader, because I can ask myself "how can I increase my good Karma".
    Yes I like feeling lucky, and actually being lucky. I also like being able to read some of
    people's thoughts. I still have to find someone who can explain how this thing works,
    and how it can be developed. For sure South East Asians have a great culture.

    I can't stand paki-indi et al : they should learn to fuck off for good.

    I also like being a trader, because when some stupid people try to judge me because
    I don't have a job, nowdays, I simply say I have retired. They are always shocked " so young?" , "yes, I have retreats to prepare for". Now, some people are starting to realise
    they sold their time and lives to the river.

    I am really glad trading found me.

    * * *
    And, instead of being dead, fully disabled or brain damaged as some wished and acted ( even paid for), I can write this :I am alive, in good health on all aspects.

    And all these "thank you for having helped me stop smoking",
    "thank you for the money", "thank you for whatever" people are thanking me for, the forests/properties people are offering as a thank you for health recovered, etc. would have been impossible without you. Without your blind
    faith. Without your extraordinary courage. Thank you.

    Thanks again

    All that has to be done will be done.
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  6. This might help someone "wake up". :):):)

    These types of testimony is improving my motivation, and discipline
    as far as keeping 'clean', and obviously has a direct positive effets on
    trading p&l ( meticulous Bible reading instills real patience)..
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    Weekend long position spanks this trader.
    A fool and their $ are soon parted.

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  8. To the contrary : check your pm. I am all for intraday, and many trades.

    May be that's the problem with some "traders" : they don-t believe that psychology, let alone "spirituality" has a role in profitable trading. They are all
    obsessed with "technical strategy", when the best tool is actually between their two hears, with a hic : accessing its full capabilities gets one to some
    psychology, "spirituality". The evidence that those who do bouddhist meditation retreats, seem to show trading improvements is not enough for these fools to
    consider that working the mindset, the emotions, etc can impact positively a trading account.

    Now, instead of using the profits to fund fancy trips, I am looking to use it to
    create some all-around wellness/health/cure centers. Comagnum : what
    are you funding/creating on a significant scale? :D:D:D
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