The day to day psychology of a trader

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  1. Actually this is a good opportunity to understand what "spirituality" can be about.

    Here you are putting in learning to fly, the heavy word "kill".

    * Which other words / sentences could you have used?
    * why is the concept of failure, disaster and death in your subconscious
    thinking pattern?
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  2. cornix


    It can be "fall" instead. :)

    And the matter is not subconscious. It's the trader's mindset: measuring risk first. No emotions attached. Simply measure the R:R then if it's good, go ahead. :)
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  4. It looks like this question is a way to analyse more how I can improve my patience in trading.

    1) while writing the book, I have to be careful with the typing, etc...
    ==> transferred to trading : I have to be careful with my analysis.

    That means checking and checking over and over again any
    trading assumption. So this is an example of patience : patience to
    wait for a trade whose assumptions are all well aligned.
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  5. 2) writing requires delayed gratification :
    impatience would have had me writing quickly without thinking,
    whereas I had to write parts by parts, and to wait before I could see
    see the shape of a full book.

    ==> trading : I will accept smooth growing equity curves
    and not impatiently seek equity curves made of high pics ( and drawdown obviously via mirror).
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  6. loyek590


    or they will make it and lose it on bars or women
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  7. cornix


    Right. It all comes from conflict of values.
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  8. Yes or on gambling, bad investments, bad businesses, or on scammers.
    Basically, their mind is looking for any ways to lose money.

    Trading identify the issues : in trading, one can not hide from one's psychology.
    Now if one does not take the golden opportunity to sort it out, it will just come again later on
    in different forms and even worst forms.

    Just a question: have you started the notebook ?
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  9. Can you explain, with some examples?
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  10. cornix


    For example one desires money (or rather what money can buy) while at the same time keeping the (often subconscious) conviction that money is "evil".

    Such a person is apt to self-sabotage in a very severe manner.

    A bit exaggerated example, but such cases do happen in reality, I witnessed those more than once among my clients and partially even myself (will tell the story some time when in the mood).
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