The day to day psychology of a trader

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  1. Just to explain quickly : ( mindfulness meditation) does miracles - and I have read it through the lines on ET of some traders who are significantly improving their performances after such mere 10 days retreat.
    "spirituality" is more a "catch" word for stuff other than psychology or prayer.

    What I am saying is : has the person really looked at everything regarding
    their trading.

    Next time to discuss.
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  2. I have received quiet a few requests for precision regarding the "Spirituality" threads.
    So I will just deal with each one as it comes.

    First, YES you can still tip off as explained in
    "spirituality" videos - Part II

    like that

    To provide your information

    in prenom : anonimiteVoulu
    in nom : anonymiteVoulu
    in addresse courriel :
    Sujet : "Je ne trouve pas de reponse a ma recherche"

    You can write the message in English

    Precise :
    " Reporting on Stalking, Spying, Harassment, Harassmenty by Proxy, Breach of privacy rights, Slandering and Defamation, Attempted coercion into Prostitution, Participating in Identity theft or identity substitution crimes, Using and Misusing of the victim's name, Deception to participate in illegal and criminal acts, Deception to participate in the hiding of illegal and criminal acts, Corruption and attempted corruption of Lawyers and Police Officers, Preventing the victim from defending its legal rights, Preventing the victim from accessing any Police or Legal protection, and others acts aimed at damaging the victim in many ways between 2010 and 2014.
    reference number is 2015/000537
    declaration le 06/01/2015 at Police Nationale service PROX/DC00/I810"

    Report : who, what, when, where, how.
    All your information between 2010 and 2015.
    The acts you know that took place, how this was done , including lies and manipulations
    that lead the person to do whatever actions. This is important so that down the line
    ( as we have around 40 people identified who "participated"), we can make sure that those manipulated inspite of themselves do not bear too much damage.
    As much information and details as possible.

    ALSO , do tip in the same way : copy exactly the same information.
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  3. Now for those who are still asking : "Do we really need to go through Law Court and Legal Actions?". To that from a trader's psychology perspective I' d say it depends.
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  4. Interesting : some posts have simply disappeared :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    The one with Nelson Mandela's video has disappeared.
    What a shame that some people can manipulate their way to that
    ( lamborghini gift anyone, or one of the "females"?)
    The beauty of CORRUPTION.

    A list of other posts that "disappeared"
    - the posts on "wishful thinking" disappeared! lol
    as well as the comments on nelson mandela from prisoner to president! lol

    - the posts on "I just want the truth" disappeared!lol
    - the posts on "Well... it is money... lifestyle..." disappeared! lol
    - the posts on the mindset that says money trumps everything
    disappeared! lol

    I wonder who has been receiving some fancy cars from we know who,
    or slept with one of the "females" provided from we know who.
    This person always wondered why no millions of people queue up to
    live in his country , inspite of the fancy car they offer. Well, may
    be there is something one can not buy : law, order, PEACE of
    Western countries. And also a minimum of values.
    Millions of people flee to Western countries because there is some
    minimum of STANDARDS.

    Hopefully some will remember ( excellent psychological video
    to watch daily).
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  5. :):):)May be time to join some "corrupt-free" chatrooms

    The disadvantage of corruption : traders with integrity move to
    better shores?
    From a psychological perspective , why is that? :):):)
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  6. Feel free to contact about good chatrooms.
    My priorities : sane trading environment.
    I have my way of trading and I just need a place with other traders around.
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  7. Interesting... a bit of complaining and some posts are back. LOL.:D:D:D

    The Nelson mandela video is back on the "wishful thinking".
    Posts still missing the " is about money... lifestyle..."
    and the one just before my post on dhamma about
    roughly "money trumps all" mindset.
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  8. So that when Cornix checks this out: yesterday, I have actually been thinking about the
    conversation ( thus took notes of the different subjects).

    First you have to realise that if a relationship was not build on "sane principles", the relationship will not withstand the tests of trading. Trading is a mirror to oneself, and thus to what surrounds the trader.
    Usually just a question of time ( 1, 2, 5, 10, 15+ years) till the relationship
    based on "unhealthy" principles breaks down in different ways
    ( having many mistresses with children on one side, and wife with boyfriends
    on the other side, etc...)

    Now about loneliness - and sorry he died last year :

    check here this "spirituality" video , where he talks about loneliness
    ( one possible way to attract loneliness is described : does not mean
    he fit in these situations)

    Now I do not know about the details of his life, so I can only offer my condoleances.
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  9. Yes : trading psychology has to look to every facet of a person's life - including intimate relationships.
    You might have seen yourself through the spirituality thread, what horrendous stress I had to go through. Well, my coach said it clearly : your priority is to sort out this before anything.
    No need to load a lot in your trading account, just trade to improve your skills.
    I was actually advised ( because of the issues of prostitution involved)
    to avoid at all cost any "unhealthy" relationship - including
    "engineered encounters", etc.... quite a very restrictive list.
    I had fortunately many methods to compensate the restrictions.

    This is what a psy coach has to be able to do, BUT still respecting the deepest wish of the person. At the end of the day, "spiritual" principles are always at
    work long term. And let me tell you: I am glad we worked on all
    aspects :
    - spirituality AND psychology

    I feel very healthy physically and psychologically.
    I listen to my intuition and shy away from any unhealthy situation.
    The harassment situation is now sorted, and I can resume trading
    without stress ( first a combine test), before loading properly a trading
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  10. cornix


    SS: I agree with you that trading is a great test for personality traits. And a great tool to improve those. So are many other things in life. But some are dangerous. Trading included.

    Of course I'm not saying one should avoid it, far from it. I'm saying one should watch for not getting killed while learning to fly. ;)
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