the day MAD will not work...

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  1. Hello,

    So in the world that some of you still live in ( the tomato, or the finite resource planet... ) there comes a day when MAD or mutual assured destruction as no more value as a defensive weapon.

    In fact as in your world the resources are getting scarcier and scarcier a day will come where the cost of hits by a mad will be inferior to the cost of not getting hit... ( and if you add the fact of trust in missile defense system it will get sooner... ).

    There will no more equilibrium of power...

    I can see only one escape... leave Oil behing... and start the exponential energy complex... fully scalable and sustainable...
  2. When I think just about the doctrine that is MAD... i am sad and mad that no one in the world has been able to stop it...
    Bravo !
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    I'm no Peak'er.

    Humans are like atoms living on the surface of an orange.

    Oil has geological origins (abiotic). Methane and other hydrocarbons were observed on a handful of planets, just inside our solar system ! No dinosaurs there.

    Coal reserves on the planet could easily last another 200 years. Maybe more.

    Water is a joke. We've got seas miles deep that span the entire globe. All we need is desalination plants and energy (coal) to run them. That covers food, energy and water, right there.

    Hydrocarbons are dirty and expensive compared to free energy.

    Free energy is this era's Holy Grail. We invent it, and humanity will colonize the stars in 50 years.
  4. to add I would just say than cheaper than burning would a great first step !

    However I still dream to live the step of free energy...
  5. Sorry...where was food? you didnt really explain that yet.
  6. If you've got water, you can get food.
  7. Have you ever drank desalinated water? It ain't pleasant to those taste buds. You drink that shit for a month and you would rather not go on living. That's no joke.
  8. Drank it for a year on an aircraft carrier. No taste difference between shore tap water and desal water properly processed
  9. Sounds like you have it all figured out.
  10. it misses : make the sahara green to feed the world with all the water :)
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