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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lundy, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. lundy


    I started trading the DAX yesterday.

    It is very volatile, like nq was back in the day.

    had a quick 10 point down move, then an even quicker 25 point up move this morning.

    also the commissions are so cheap, they do not become an issue. cut your globex bs commish in half.

    if you think u got what it takes, this is the contract to trade.

    must hone entry skills, and know when to hold.

    watch the dome for a while before u take first trade.

    yesterday i lost 300 bucks on my first 2 trades + 150 on the bund.

    i dont like the bund. but i quickly realized how the dax traded, and made it back + profit.

    Anyway, this is the new thing for those who aren't already doing it.

    good luck, i'd love to hear comments from vets.
  2. lundy


    it's a scalpers dream...

    i've been doing a bit of scalping in it this am. up 13 points net.

    now i have to work on holding for the bigger moves.
  3. lundy


    it's easily possible to have + 1000 dollar days on 1 freaking contract.

    if you are not hot, it's possible to have big negative days too.

    gotta have good entries, with tight stops.
  4. You sound like a star! Can I give you a million dollars to trade on my behalf?
  5. Let's see if you are still trading the dax in about 6 months from now. Know some of the best DAX traders personally here in Germany, but none of those were profitable right from the start.

    Good luck.
  6. care to compare similarities / differences between the dax and the emini sp ??
  7. CJX


    Lundy, which charting s/w and data provider do you use for DAX?
  8. differences sp/dax
    - high volume/low
    - smooth/choppy
    - sometimes manipulated/almost always
    - goes to extremes/goes to dramatic extremes

    Just MHO.
  9. Londres


    New to the DAX. Can you recommend a cheap direct access broker to day trade DAX stocks?