The Dark Side of Suppressing Emotions While Trading

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  1. Hi all. I've been trading for 10 years now. I was doing some online research and found this article about a kid that describes losing his emotions by suppressing them:

    When I read this, I became shocked at how much I could relate to this kid. When I started trading I had all the bad emotions like greed, euphoria , fear, and panic like everyone else. And like everyone else it cost me a lot of money. Over time I've looked for way that I could try to keep them under control. But somehow instead of control I found a way to "destroy" them instead. Now while trading I don't feel those emotions anymore; at least not as intense. And I'm fine with that while trading....

    But, like him it also affected my other positive emotion. I can't feel things like love, happiness, or even an emotional connection with other people. It's like I somehow turned myself into a fvcking sociopath. Not having emotions helped a lot while trading but has destroyed my social life. I'm in my late twenties and want to get married someday, but being as how I am I can't feel anything for the girls I'm been with except for lust.

    I guess I though I'd write this to show the how dark the Dark Side of Trading can be. And want to see if there's any other traders that can relate to this. Thanks.
  2. The trick is not so much suppressing the emotions, but acknowledge your emotions and manage your actions accordingly.
  3. Now that you've squashed your emotions like a bug...stay tuned for physical disorders.

    Control your emotions with rational and intellectual thoughts.
  4. I'd attribute at least some of this loss of intensity to simple aging. As we all grow older, things tend to seem less and less important. This happens to pretty much everyone.
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    Everything these three gentlemen above me said

    I would add learn to compartmentalize/ redirect your emotions to other pursuits

    Work is Work…. Weekends, Hobbies, and Vacations – are for Play

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    Original info about the tapping technique the kid was referring to can be found at There's a link to an updated site there.

    I've never heard of anyone having the effect he experienced. By overcoming the one issue, it sounds like he uncovered others.
  7. Search for Tapping Technique you get a lot of free demos on Youtube. The technique may well be a hype. It may work due to placebo effect in some cases.
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    Interesting, but this sounds serious my friend. You only live once and I'd for you to enjoy your time here. See a professional or read up on some self-help, but don't accept that this is how it should be. I think it's crucial to be able to connect with people if you're going to be happy. In all the infinity of time and all the infinity of space there has only been, and will only be one of you. And you have special gifts to give the world. I don't think you can share them if you can't connect. Good luck
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    I want my emotional health a lot more than trading gains. I've never bought into the "jump in, learn to swim, don't let your emotions run your trading" mentality, it seems stupid to me. I've spent years developing my edges and now I just relax and trade them, I know the outcome, at least averaged over a few trades, there is not that much to get excited about...

    I also have done the tapping thingy, it's a form of acupressure and it's been disproven in real tests too... I'm guessing that the quoted article is complete bullshit, maybe intended to convince people of the awesome power of the tapping thingy... I met the guy that started the whole tapping thing at a book signing actually, he's one rude little bastard with a lot of newagey demonic people hanging on his every word...
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    Yeah the original story sounded like bullshit to me too. Or he's just a really, really special case.
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