The Dark Side Of Steve Jobs

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  1. yeh he/she/it is so mysterious that it's chosen not to interfere in the world at all, talk about distant.
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    Bullshit argument just like that bullshit article.
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  3. It's fairly enlightening but none of it makes Dick Cheney seem like a 'really great guy'. It's typical of our short attention spans and responsive media that characters under the spotlight are served up to us as either angels or devils.
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    Listen, Jobs certainly was not the most personable guy in the world, but the guy stumbled more than once, and learned from his mistakes. He decided to rectify those mistakes, and his do-it-my-way-or-else philosophy is what drove Apple to prominence and greatness, this 2nd go-round. You don't have to be a nice guy, to be a great leader.
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  5. Exactly. I saw his abusive side when they filmed him chastising that programmer over some code he had written....."Is that the best you can do, he exclaimed ?"
    This guy was driven beyond reason....and who can say that it was bad given the incredible value he produced ?
    I mean I don't really value him much as a person, but for the value he produced ? gotta worship the guy in that regard.
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  6. Omigosh - that is so funny...but appropriate for our times.
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  7. Ive worked at a few places and the truth is the owners/managers/executives of any successful operation are not going to be the nice guys all the time. I've worked for plenty of assholes in my time and I can bet you if I walked in any business out there...any tall building...I will find plenty more assholes.

    I can picture jobs being an asshole to some employees just like I can see any executive being an asshole to their employee.
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  8. And that's fine....but the question then becomes:
    How much of an asshole does one have to be to become successful ?
    That's the BIG ONE.
    Do some have to become big a-holes because they are lacking in talent ? I've opened up a can of worms...haven't I ?
    I am not suggesting that Jobs was lacking in talent either.
    But you know what ? HE may have thought he was....
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    Could the guys who didn't like working at FoxConn have quit instead of committing suicide? Or did they have some sort of contract which made that impossible?
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  10. Honestly speaking, I would say the majority of successful people I have met are big assholes...not just the regular asshole...I mean a big asshole. Ask yourself that question....out of all the successful people you have met in life, how many were true and complete assholes. If you do an internet search on all the successful people you meet, you will probably come upon some type of review site where people have written essays on why they believe that person is an asshole.

    Steve Jobs is an asshole like all the other executive assholes. He is no different.
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