The Dark Side Of Steve Jobs

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  2. bah, I'm at least 100 times worse.

    Is that all they got about him?
  3. god works in mysterious ways.

    what goes around comes around.
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    Saw the article a couple days ago and while it may surprise some it's been common knowledge for years that Jobs could be quite impatient and abusive. In fact many aspects of that personality were covered 12 years ago in the 1999 film "The Pirates of Silicon Valley" with Noah Wyle (most famous for playing Dr. John Carter on ER) playing Jobs. I've heard countless similar tales about Thomas Edison's disposition and I guess it sometimes goes with the territory, these guys were not angels but they definitely were visionaries.
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    I saw that movie and it was a great film. Apparently Sony just bought the rights to a new film on his life. Yes, I was aware as were many others of the darker side of Steve Jobs, but most Americans are not. There is a dark side to personal achievement at that high a level. It usually comes at some cost.

    I think it is interesting though now in light of the occupy wall street debates in terms of the 1% group. Most people would gladly hang a Goldman banker on Wall Street because he pushes buttons on a computer. But how many kids in China have cancer because of working at Foxcon? How many have died? How many have killed themselves? How many lives have been ruined to push out the next great i-phone.

    At the end of the day, maybe we should put more thought into who we want to "hang".
  6. Just another stereotypical Type A personality. What's the big deal?
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    I guess it's a big deal if you work for Goldman and you have a type A personality.
  8. The overwhelming factor that drove his life was that his biological parents abandoned him and gave up him for adoption. He struggled against it during his young age and everything he did in hist adult life was to compensate this.
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  10. Why would have any adult even care about that ?
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