The dark side of Dubai - expat story

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  2. Brutal
  3. When a fool has access to a lot money, that is a result.
  4. India is a despicable caste society, that doesnt give a shit about it's lower caste people - that's why the workers get no help from their own embasy when they are held captive in dubai

    I actually have some sympathy for their lower caste people

    I despise their brahmin varna caste people, who are the H-1b tech class in the USA

    They treated their own people like crap in their own country, they dont care about anyone else, and they bring that vicious 3rd world attitude to the USA and undermine us
  5. In a word... Sickening.

    For an article that is 6 months old, it's certainly worth your time to read it. It's unreal, in the year 2009..that this kind of crap is occurring. I'm not saying there isn't some good in that place. But if this story is only half true, it appears to be a situation far worse than the sweat shops in China, and wayyy worse than slavery in US back in the 1800's.
  6. Let's see if they would throw executives of Dubai World in jail for their debt. I doubt it tho. Dubai is not a fair place.
  7. Great article -- I wonder if Dubai will make it the top ten of Trader Monthly's best cities for traders again this year :D
  8. They probably wipe their asses with trader monthly in Dubai...
  9. I doubt very much that they wipe in that neck of the woods.
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