the DARK broker/platform

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  1. has anyone any information on the DARK fx platform?

    rumour has it that it is the be all, end all of all fx brokers/platforms. supposedly it spells the end of all the other retail brokers since they simply can't compete.

    the things i have heard are simply unbelievable if true. zero spread, zero commissions, a completely transparent interface and a new revenue model that will revolutionize the marketplace.

    any info?


  2. dhpar


    does it also guarantee to make money? Then I would probably opt for this one...

  3. no.

    but the insiders tell me it will put the small account holder on equal footing with the banks. its supposedly akin to the direct access stock trading revolution in forex. called the DARK platform--this is exciting, anyone know anything else??

  4. Any website ?

    Where did you hear about this and for when would this be ?
  5. i am unable to elaborate anymore, sorry.

    what i have heard about this is downright amazing, however!

  6. Tell me , this is at least a idea,project from serious people, not just a vague idea
    coming out of a dark cellar room from some drunken college boys !
  7. yes. from the best in the business.

    no drunk frat boys involved!

    LOL !

  8. Keep us updated ! :cool:
  9. The "DARK platform" ?! LOL, reminds me of the Yoursmineshag platform with inbuilt speed throttle and a free large Coke for every 10 lots traded. :D
  10. Marketsurfer,

    No offense here but are you sure you
    was not drunk yourself at the time of
    writing that ? :eek:

    maybe you are confused with this ?
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