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  1. Friends,

    ‘Tis with a heavy heart I report to you that after many a moon spent laboring on this, most fickle of passions – trading – I am a broken man; my funds are depleted, the profits that once freely flowed to my purse are but a distant, bittersweet memory and all I’m left with is the somber, sullen realization – oh the pain! – that I, too, was taken by the siren call of easy money.

    ‘Twas quite the ride; very much the dizzying highs and the terrifying lows. It’s an open question whether it’s better to have glimpsed heaven only to have the vision abruptly smashed, as I have, or to have never seen at all; for the former leaves you wiser yet glum, the latter naïve, yet ever eager.

    I don’t know whether I’ll be coming again. For now, the pain of a dream ripped asunder is simply too great.

    To the buddies I made, may the gods of trading continue to watch over you; to those I antagonized, heckled or belittled, I invite you to gloat over my demise – I was *truly*, in every meaning of the word, a fool. In no particular order: Commisso, Cubano, Pabst, rs7, Traderfut, darkhorse, chas, trader99, TriPack, richtrader, inandlong, magna, FPC, Babak, VinnyG, axeman, goldenarm, marketsurfer, candle, hitman, aphie, gekko, green dog, vlad, tampa and anyone else I’ve forgotten.

    Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye?
  2. Well it looks like you belittled about everyone worth belittling! :)

    I am sorry this is happening to you. Perhaps a break will do you good and give you a fresh perspective that will enable you to come back and do better than ever. Good luck to you Daniel_M.

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    Always sorry to see this happen, hope that other options open up for you. Take care.
  4. Sorry to hear that you have fallen into the pit that, as traders, we all dread. Perhaps you can keep us abreast of how much life sucks in the real world. It may help us stay focused and determined in this "most fickle of passions".
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    Best of luck in wherever your next journey takes you.

    Remember, some REALLY great traders have blown out. There is no shame in it.

    Figure out a way to come back...

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    when one door closes, another one opens. wish you luck in your new endeavor.

  7. Daniel,

    I believe that walking away is a part of every trader's experience. You will know when and if it is time to return to trading.

    Those who start, and trade straight through without a break (or a bust) until retirement are very few and far between. If they exist at all. (independent traders).

    This trading environment has been very tough. Indeed, as someone has already said, we all hope you have something else to fall back on. And I am sure you do. Being young and bright leaves the world open to you.

    If you love trading as you say you do, there will come a time when it will be right to return.

    Until then, good luck my friend. I am sure you will prosper in whatever comes next for you. Trading won't go away. It will await your return without a time limit.

    I don't believe that anyone will be "gloating over your demise". Anyone who does is a fool, and just hasn't the experience to know that what you are going through now is a very typical part of the life of a trader. Additionally, who cares what those kinds of people think or feel? Stay positive. This is not an "end" if you don't want it to be. Just a part of the obstacle course you have chosen to run.

  8. I am surprised by this. Your self-discipline is certainly excellent if one can base it on the fact that you updated your ET hoops lineup every single day for the entire season. Your intelligence is there based on the quality of your posts.

    Were you undercapitalized? What gives?

    In any case, I wish you luck and hope you can get back to trading soon with a fresh outlook and new approach.
  9. Sorry to hear that:(

    -- although your "going-away poem" was an ET literary masterpiece!

    I'll email you when I get a chance (if your email has changed, let me know your new one).


  10. If I can say something with certainty, it is this: "You'll be back"... I can smell a guy with a passion for trading... and not only do you have that passion, but our discussions here and via messenger have indicated that you are a guy with a solid intellect... go and regroup, maybe work a few years, swingtrade part-time, and save up for another shot...

    When someone like yourself washes out, it is further proof (if ever we needed it) that to be a consistent trader is no mean feat... but, like I said, you will be back... and some day, you will look back at this period as a mere stumbling block on the path to your success...
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