The Daniel Code

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  1. "I am now making the Danielcode sequence available to subscribers on selected currencies. A full service private client advisory is also available for corporates who require a comprehensive solution for their currency strategies."

    Just about tells the whole story doesn't it ?

    It is beyond me how anybody can be taken in by such crap.

    I really like the bit about "Trust me - I'm a lawyer".
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    Send me a $1000.00 and I will send you the magic, super secret formula for the SP500 support and resistance levels.

    The trout from lake Taupo are smart than this guy !!
  3. People believe in weird things. :) Sign me up for two!


  4. hey, i have one of those framed in the surf shack!

    use to be on the desk, now its on the wall.


    :D :p :D
  5. i use to trade options on this and a telephone/payphone at times, boy, times change!

    believe it or not, less than 10 years ago, this was state of the art.

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    You laugh, but if this was a long, lost monograph from Gann, people would pay megabucks for it. (I heard recently of something of his going up for auction at $100,000.) And I wouldn't put it past Gann to come up with something like the Daniel Code...

    At least this one is cheaper. :D
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    here is an article written by john needham of the daniel code on real estate & housing markets south of the equator. interesting reading...

    yes it has a marketing piece @ the end so if you don't want to be subjected to a little marketing...skip those parts or don't click the link.
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