The danger of science denial

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  1. Entertaining, so what's his point?
  2. Yes, very good points, especially with regard to genetics.
  3. I only watched a little bit. Seemed like he was trying to say that if we genetically alter food, then nobody will be hungry. Although I'm not sure how that works. Monsanto charges alot more for their genetically altered seeds than someone else who sells natural seeds. I mean, we already grow enough food for all the people in the world, but nobody wants to give it away for free. People have to work to plant, harvest and maintain farms. People do not like to give away their hard work for free.

    The poor people in the world that grow their own food, can not afford the expensive genetically altered seeds.

    Also he is one of those believers that think people used to die at younger ages 100 years ago or longer. People always lived to an average age of 75-80. Only reason they say the average age was 35 or 40 in the 1800s was because of a high rate of infant mortality, due to unsanitary conditions of the time, bringing the numbers down.

    This guy has alot of facts mixed up and uses incorrect common knowledge for alot of his examples which completely falls apart when the truth is shone on it. Kind of hypocritical of him to tell people that they should get the facts and then he doesnt even do it himself.

    I'm not against science and the bible does not say anything against science either as far as I know. I'm not sure what this guy is on about.
  4. here we have a perfect example of a science denier.
  5. Maybe we should place the blame where it belongs : junk science and the media that pushes it.

    Say stupid shit often enough and people wise up but of course liberals never got told the story of chicken little or the boy who cried wolf.
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    Excellant points, T Travel !!
    Well every capitalist likes a profit;
    as they should. Solomon said in all labor there is profit -Proverbs 14.

    I like to plant about 12 or 24 tomatoes;
    but i tried some organic, non hybrid tomatoe seeds. They all died & cost a bit more than typical seeds:D

    That link noted non GM seeds are the fastest growing label in supermarket sector.:cool:
  7. He was a little hard to follow, but the crux of his little diatribe seemed to be we can solve problems in Africa by feeding them. Well, that's a nice gesture, but then what to do with a few million more Africans every year that would have otherwise starved. The problem isn't food, it's population control, among other things. More food ain't gonna' solve their issues.
    I also found it amusing that he and other brainiacs like to say, you're entitled to your opinion, but you're not entitled to make up your own facts. Funny, that's just what junk science does.
    The problem is not science, it's the worship of science theory deemed to be fact just because some guy with a pedigree says so. Theory ain't fact, and that's a fact the junk science cultists just can't grasp.
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    Development appears to lower birthrates. So you are probably right, food alone won't solve the problem. But that does not mean that aid cannot help. Of course, starving people need food first.