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Discussion in 'Politics' started by tampa, Oct 18, 2002.

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    Circles, and Boxes, and Arrows, oh my!

    Popular ET trader margo trader has added circles, and boxes and arrows to go along with her fascinating trend lines in her periodic journal. But one veteran forum member said that he is not impressed. Saying: “I want to see how it all backtests – and the easylanguage code ain’t gonna be so easy.”
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    Not Today

    Prolific tampa did not trade today, saying: "Look I'm not paranoid or anything, but did you see the afternoon action? Chop. chop. up, down. Do you know why? Because I wasn't in the market, and no one could figure out what the other side of the trade should be." The veteran trader then left for a meeting with a fellow speculator to discuss opportunities in the fast paced overnight Kangaroo Belly market on the Australian Exchange. This reporter was unable to confirm who the fellow trader tampa was meeting with.
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    Doc Still Down?

    ET trader Mister Doctor Nevo had not been heard from at press time, leading skeptics to wonder about the size of todays drawdown. The good doctor, who's uncomplicated system runs on 23 desktop computers, a Palm Pilot, and two slide rules was unavailable for comment.
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    Quah Quits?

    "No way", said ET's preeminent systems developer. The brilliant Quah is said to be working on a new all but fool proff method for trading the E-Mini S&P. Sources tell "The Skirt" that if the fat baldheaded trader on the third step in the Big Pit leaves to go to the men's room, and the head floor trader with Merrill is on the floor - go long. However, if the Solomon runner is in a red jacket - go short. Quah is expected to release final details for this new system later in the week.
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    Brown and Dirty

    The Skirt has learned of trouble between city officials and Mister Doctor Nevo. Nevo who trades every futures market on Earth, plus 17 on Mars, and three others on Pluto, causes area-wide brown-outs when running his nightly scans, The two parties are expected to meet on Tuesday to discuss the problem.
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    Move over Mickey-D

    ET's very own Old Trader has done what many said could not be done! Working from his vintage Apple II+ computer, Old Fader has now served up more words in aphie's journal than McDonald's has severed hamburgers!

    Keep up the good work, Old Trader - and could I get some fries with them next time?
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    Disaster Strikes!

    On what should have been a red letter day for the lovable aphexcoil, with the release of the long awaited ”Jasper” trading application, disaster struck instead. Mister Subliminal, one of ET’s most popular members (if not the swiftest), downloaded and attempted to use the apparent “bug” ridden application. Subliminal suffered major losses, and sustained a margin call as well.

    Still reeling from the devastating loss when contacted by ”The Daily Skirt”, Subliminal was undecided as to bringing legal action against the novice programmer. Veteran ET members said that they suspect that aphexcoil will have his posting privileges suspended, if not revoked.

    Meanwhile, Subliminal is negotiating a mortgage on the family farm to meet the margin call.