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Discussion in 'Politics' started by tampa, Sep 7, 2003.

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    inandlong sets the new standard !

    Mister inandlong, the former Proctologist turned ET moderator, called on all members to cut out the crap so commonly found on the popular message board. At the time of the request, many veteran members scoffed, and said that it would never happen.

    But apparently inandlong’s lead has indeed been followed. It can now be reported that the popular journal, entitled ‘Day In Day Out” by tzheng has now logged five pages over the past two weeks with not so much as ONE negative post. A crap free journal!

    However, skeptic’s point out that while it is true that the journal has not attracted any flaming posts, it has not attracted any questions, comments, or advice. In fact it hasn’t attracted ANY posts, other than the fascinating entries from the author, tzheng.

    ET historians are hard at work to determine if there has ever been another thread that drew not so much as one reply in the past.
  2. LOL, it has been viewed 2245 times though. While this pales in comparison to the 61000+ who have viewed the short skirts journal, someone is looking at it. :)

    Thanks for your support tampa. I knew I could count on you.

    That said though, I should move this thread to a more appropriate forum. It's funny and I know you mean no ill will towards the author of the journal you refer to. Ah, let's just let it go, and if by morning it has attracted garbage, I will deal with it then.
  3. So... Can I dump my garbage here? :D