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Discussion in 'Trading' started by William Rennick, May 1, 2006.

  1. This is the forum for any Trader who has enough of a pair to post his Intraday Market forecast. Put the date and time on it, sometimes the time stamps here are confusing.

    ...Rennick out :cool:
  2. May 1, 2006 1:48 pm eastern

    A moment of silence please as the Amazing Rennick goes into a trance as he stares into the chrystal ball. hmmmmmmmm, ahmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, At the close:

    Wait,, Rennick see's shopping malls, garden work, and golf courses. The Amazing Rennick see's the Market very quiet and Up 35 points, (give or take 10 points) at the Close. The chrystal ball has told him to go golfing and don't worry about the Market today.

    ....Rennick will snap out of it in 3 seconds 3-2-1

    ps. in the name of full disclosure, my calls are based on a timing service I use, I only add the specific price ranges.
  3. If your premise is true , then I guess we don't need weather forecasting, because the only reason for it is to stroke the egos of the weather man. My reason for posting is because it's fun, especially when the guy gets it wrong. The best posts were when rubberbird was making his calls, ah those were the days. More importantly though is that I am true believer that short term forecasting is possible. One member here (lilduck) said that the Holy Grail of trading is knowing when not to trade, I think that was brilliant. This afternoon I'm turning off my computer and heading out.

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  4. my forecast is that the market will fluctuate. 05\01\2006 1:09 pm cst.
  5. Your weather analogy is inapporopriate. We tend to act upon, and plan around, weather forecasts. I do not act upon, or plan around, the market calls of others. Do you? Further, if they are unexplained, then they have no informational value whatsoever.

    I'm glad you are a "true believer that short term forecasting is possible." As it happens, I am a sufficient believer in my own short-term market calls that I take them. What does that have to do with other people's posted calls?

    As for making light of poor calls, that seems to be fairly frowned upon, as I noted in my hyperlinked thread.
  6. Last post for me today, I've got a tee time. For me it's a very appropriate analogy. Just like I listen to the weatherman who has a proven track record to make decisions, I also listen to a market timer who has a proven track record to make my trading decisions. If you are able to do that yourself more power to you.
    Alas , I do not make light of most people making a bad call, but you have to admit when some of the wise guys here do it, the resulting banter is entertaining.

  7. Of course.
  8. Silence,... The Amazing Rennick has just centered the turbin on his head and is approaching the chrystal ball. hmmmmmmmmm, ahhmmmmmmmmmm . Rennick speaks:

    I do not see an ample set of cans with monster hairpie on TV spooking todays market, the Market will have a strong afternoon with the Dow up over 100 points.

    ...The Amazing Rennick out

    tues. 5-2-06 1:23 pm est
  9. OK, so I was off by a few dow points, but before you guys start attacking, the afternoon and close were STRONG like my chrystal ball had predicted. I was a little optimistic about the range, oh well I did decent, I got in this morning at 10 am and got my price at 2 pm. Nice little base hit on the trip q's.
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