'The Da Vinci Code'

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  1. Anyone read 'The Da Vinci Code'? Its the first book I've actually finished in about 5 years and it was excellent. I think based on one of the other threads, LongShot and Gordon would appreciate this book.....

    Anyone else read it?

    ....and yes.....women DO rule this universe.... Well, ok, maybe just me...;-)
  2. First book in five years! Eek!

    Anyway, I read it a couple of months ago. The ending is such a letdown! Simply pathetic! (The "twist" totally sucked!) What a pity, because the set up was going great.

    The "expose" of Christianity is way overdone too. I'm fairly well read on this stuff, for a layman, and I haven't encountered anyone making the same claims as Brown (similar, just Brown really goes too far). And why the statement at the beginning of the book that the "Priory of Scion" is a fact? On the contrary, it is a 20th century hoax.
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    If you're interested in why we treat women the way we do, you would also enjoy the first part of the first book in Will Durant's Story of Civilization.
  4. No kidding about the ending.....I almost felt like I was at the end of a Scooby Doo episode.... But I will give myself 'props' for figuring out what the orb was before they did....although I'm guessing I wasn't the only one..;-)

    As for the exposé....I mean to be honest, I really wasn't too educated on the whole thing, so it was quite interesting to read about, but I was (and I suppose still am) having a hard time trying to separate fact from fiction..... Too bad though, cause I was liking the idea that most of it was fact....aside from the obvious fiction...I think?
  5. Interested to a certain degree.... I mean as far as I'm concerned, men and women are different for a reason..... And I couldn't be less of a feminist if I tried.
    I'm glad I'm a girl...;-)

    Except I wouldn't mind being a man for just one day..... of course that entire day would be spent all by myself....;-)
  6. Entertaining, but rather shallow. A much better read that mines similar material is Umberto Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum."
  7. i haven't read it, but i've heard of it. maybe i'll check it out.. just curious why you think i'd appreciate it?

  8. I happen to catch your comment about being all for the advancement of science..... and about your disliking of religious people who are all up in arms over the genetic engineering thing. Both of which I agree with you on.....

    The author of 'Da Vinci' deals quite a bit with the idea of science and how it proves that a lot of what the bible says is fiction to a certain degree...hence proving all the religious fanatics wrong.

    But I could be wrong...maybe you'll hate it..?...;-)
  9. sounds like a good book :)
  10. I don't see why the idioties of the Bible would make me caution some idioties not of Science but of some scientists notably those who belong to Raelian sects who are now lobbying in several magazines to advance Human Cloning for if you don't know they have created an enterprise for cloning people for only ... 50000$ haha (btw Saddam was said to be interested)! Of course it's not possible yet but they said already 500 persons would have paid pff !

    It's funny how people applies binary logic when binary logic is only applicable to a set of two elements. There exists logic in fact for set with more than two elements :D. So we are not in black and white area. Cautioning sects like-idea against ultra-religious-orthodox ideas or vice-versa is lack of logic ! Same for cautioning Commnunism for fear of Nazism and inversely.

    Science has substitued to God for some people but it's kinda same blind Veneration: "Faith in Science" maybe even more stupid since Science is made by humans and humans are far from being trustable collectively history has shown it with eugenism against jews and other people later.

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