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  1. I have a background in computer hardware and have always been fond of Matrox and turned into a big fan when my G400 32mb dual head came. I recently purchased of a dual head G450 16mb ddr video card which I am quite happy with, but what holds for the future of Matrox....

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  2. man, if it's true it really sucks.

    for trading, matrox is the only act in town. (and no, i'm not going drop $1000 or more for an appian card). matrox stuff works, and it works very, very well. matrox tech support is also the BEST i've ever experienced in the business. they get back to you in 20min or less when you post a question or problem in their forums (i've never even had to call them b/c they respond so quickly).

    nvidia's dual display stuff is a total failure under win2k (you can only "stretch" your display across multiple monitors, unlike with matrox where each display is truly unique and separate) for trading purposes. it may be great for playing quake, but it's useless for business app's due to their failure to develop drivers that can run multi-monitors under win2k...

    anyway, i think matrox is great, and i will continue to buy their products until i'm convinced that the above is no longer true.
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    matrox g400's are the best video card I've ever used.. big matrox fan here... have tried all the others, with mixed results... nothing's out-done matrox so far, just like sony's best for monitors ...

    matrox is excellent .. I'm never buying another ati card again I know that radeon 7000 all in wonder is now a paperweight since it can't co-exist with Any other video cards on the same pc. wish they'd said that on the box.

    anyone use the latest matrox cards, eg the quads (g550)?

  4. I agree with Ken that Matrox are the best multi-monitors video card. Already have try other product, but these cards have a lot of problems that you will never see with Matrox. Maybe Matrox are not the most performer in other video area, but for multi-monitor they are the leader for the moment.
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    Yes. I own 5 Matrox multi-monitor cards. Current, I am running in one machine the G550 Dual DVI, and two G200 MMS Quads for a total support of ten monitors. Now get THIS - I have ONE driver running all these cards - everything works out of the box. It is childs play for me to go from six monitors that I have now to 10 monitors. I did this all for less than $1000.

    It would be one sad day if Matrox bit the dust...

    nitro :(
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    not as half as sad as the day nitro stopped posting on here:(
    I mean who would after all keep us tip top on supermicro et al:cool:
  7. I installed the Parhelia about a month ago...No problems thus far(knock on wood)...